Without meaning we fade away. Even out best pleasures are rendered facile. Everything is empty and pointless. We embrace apathy and all care goes out the window.

If there is no meaning, there is no justice. Again, no justice, apathy sets in. There is no care. Carelessness takes over our lives, our families fail, business fails, and whole countries are lost.

We play with fire when we take the Almighty God out of our equations. They don’t add up or make sense, and we think we are right because our reasoning is faulty and ill-logical. Our minds are darkened and we embrace the folly of thinking that humankind is the top of the tree, because we will not bend ourselves or bow our knees to someone higher. Pride becomes our necklace, and we strut the human stage in utter folly.

We set ourselves up as the harbingers of meaning, and yet we embrace the folly. We become utterly futile and descend into pure decadence. What we want we will have, so get it now while you can. There is no justice, so no day of reckoning. Anything goes. Selfishness and sins abound.

God laughs and weeps. He laughs at the wicked for He knows their day is coming and there is a day of judgment that is not dependant on human endeavour. There is justice and it will be meted out. God weeps at how we contaminate the succeeding generations and lead so many into falsehood and error. So many are blinded by the gods of this vain world and it’s mindsets and philosophies. Many are lost and face a lost eternity because of the folly of those who propagate lies. All this evil must be paid for.

God is still willing to forgive. He gives us our lives that we might find Him and know Him and not have to suffer under the tyranny of falsehoods. The voice is very small now. We have almost stamped it out. Only a few remain who are willing to be seen and known as lovers of God, and face the unpopularity and ridicule.

The way we use our precious language is also contaminated with illogical use. We have lost meaning in every way, and communication is getting harder and misconception is easily embraced. Speaking and listening are not priorities and silence ensues. Silence separates and has little meaning, except “I want to opt out…”

People settle for nothing rather than the effort of making themselves known.

Education is riddled with error. Teachers make up “knowledge” to suit themselves and to fit the system they are imposing on the situation. Education is full of myths and non- fiction, fairytale and made up stories. Knowledge decreases and ignorance rules.

Remember God. He waits for us to come to our senses. He still speaks into our lives, and we must rouse ourselves and hear Him. Indolence will bring us to destruction and we will walk into death with our eyes closed and our soul asleep. Waken up and turn yourself around. Face the Lord and He will sort out and forgive your problems and sins. He has all power and everything is in His control, and you are destitute. He can bring you into His family and you can start again. Give up your idols, your folly, your lazy ways, and seek His face. He is not far way.

“God intended that (we) would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us. ‘For in Him we live and move and have our being.’”

Acts 17:27-28

He upholds our lives every moment and yet we regale Him. This is the ultimate foolishness. Wisdom seeks the Lord and doesn’t care what other think or even the folly of our own minds. We find ourselves in Him, for all meaning and purpose is in Him. His will, will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Folly will cease and all who embrace it’s spirit will perish.