Psalm 66

Please read Psalm 66 (20 verses)

The voices of praise that resonate around the whole earth sings to the glory of the Lord. The whole earth is full of His glory, even though it struggles with sin and death. All the earth bows down to the majesty of the Lord and sings praises to His holy name. We are invited to come and see the greatness and deliverance of the Lord for His people. The people of God walked through the sea on dry land by the might of the power of the Lord. All physical laws and processes are in God’s hand and He controls all of them by a word. We are invited to rejoice.

The Lord keeps the feet of His people from slipping and preserves them. The Lord will test us like silver and at times seems to allow the enemy to ride over our heads and oppress us. God will take us through fire and water that we might appreciate the place of abundance that He brings us to. This blessing can be in this life but ultimately speaks to us of the blessing of heaven.

Our appropriate response to His mercies is the sacrifice of our whole life to Him that we might know the liberty of life in Christ and have the opportunity to fulfil all our vows to the Lord. We serve Him in peace and humility.

The psalmist calls on the people of God to listen to his testimony so that he can give public praise to God. The Lord has heard the cries of the psalmist because he has not hidden his sin nor cherished it in his heart. His relationship with the Lord is honest and sincere and the Lord will honour him and give him a voice of testimony. The Lord does not withhold His love from His people, but deals with us so that there is no hypocrisy in our hearts and we have a heart like His heart.