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Psalm 104

Please read Psalm 104 (35 verses)

The psalmist is praising God from the depths of his being and recognising the many and glorious provisions God has made for the whole earth – humankind and beasts of all types. He focuses on the provision of water in our atmosphere and world and how it provides for the life needs of every living thing. God sends water on the earth and the plants grow giving food to every creature and the livestock and plants that humans eat. God made the world and separated the land from the waters which He now keeps in boundaries that it will never flood the earth again. God makes springs of water to refresh the creatures He has made and provide for the lives of all His humans that He has created.

God makes the life-giving springs which waters the mountains and makes grass grow for the animals. It brings forth food and wine that feed us and makes us glad. God makes the night, the moon and the night animals that hunt and creep until the morning and then humans can go about their days.

The sea is full of creatures that wait for the Lord and giants who play there are sustained by His mighty hand. When God makes them afraid, they die and return to dust, as we also do. The Spirit of the Lord creates them, and ends their life according to His purposes.

The psalmist says he will sing to the Lord all his life and as he meditates on the work of the Lord he will rejoice in what God has done. Sinners will vanish, but the soul of God’s people will praise Him.