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Minefields and Clover

Life is full of paradoxes and layers of meaning that we cannot understand. Sometimes we are tempted to think that we have worked out the supreme answer and complete understanding of how human psychology works and the decoding of the labyrinth that is the human psyche.

We cannot work it out. Our own minds are mysteries to us and as the years go by, we come to see that we know precious little about anything.

These short essays are meant to stimulate interest in the world we were made for, where spiritual knowledge is the key. To know the Master and follow Him is the right path and will lead us safely home to eternity where our minds will be understood and made to be what they were meant to be.

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Thank you

Thank you to bloggers and friends who look at and encourage me with this website. If you found it helpful, maybe you could share the address with others you know. I am going through the book of Psalms at the moment and making a comment each day. It is helping me to focus on the Scriptures and think more deeply about the implication for my Christian life. I hope you also find it helpful.

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A road of words

Words can lead us down many and varied roads in the thought processes of our minds. They help us to sort out our thoughts and feeling and assign meaning to the circumstances of our lives. Words matter, and I hope you will enjoy the new anthology of poems.

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Words until now

WORDS UNTIL NOW. A new collection of poems out on Amazon. Words spring from thought. Words can take us to levels within levels, and beyond our own ability to imagine or reason. This is a spiritual activity and the gift of God. I hope you will be able to enjoy these poems and they will stimulate you to write your own….

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JESUS: The Lord and God

JESUS: The Lord and God… This is a collection of posts from daughters of the kingdom website and focuses on the person of Jesus Christ, who He is and what He has done. I hope you will be helped by them and encouraged to seek Him for the first time and throughout your Christian life. This book is available on Amazon.

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The prophet Joel spoke about issues in his day that are cogent for ours today. This devotional commentary goes through the book of Joel verse by verse with a comment, which I hope you find helpful. It is available on Amazon.

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ISSUES: This book is a collection from the daughters of the kingdom website and focuses on various issues that are applicable in our time. Some are talked about and some are not. I hope this book will help us to discuss some for these issues and it will be helpful. This book is available on Amazon.

If you search the name of the book and the authors name you will find it.

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