Site completed

I have decided to keep the site “daughters of the” should people want to access past posts. There are over 1,000 essays and a large number of spoken messages and talks on the other pages…

I will not add anymore new material to the site, but hope you will enjoy looking at what is here already. I have said many things and hope they will be a help and encouragement to you.

I pray God will bless the content of this site to those who will continue to read it and those who will search for it. Please pray for me that God will give me a new direction in my life and open other doors of opportunity.

Thank you Christian friends and those who are still wondering about the Lord. May we all find His sweet peace and eternal life…

The Woman

She held Him in her arms a bonnie wee child

So full of love and peace but thoroughly wild.

A child born out of wedlock and future scarred

For a life of suffering and words ignored.

Yet He would change the world with one bold act

The death and resurrection the recorded fact

That humankind will one day forever rise

As He rose, triumphant and eternal in the skies.

We must listen, believe and put our trust

In the holy Lamb so pure and just

Who gave His life a random that we might live

Avoid the darkness around us and freedom give

Into His world of heaven’s glorious light

Into our eyes the ability of spiritual sight

To see our Lord in deep contrition

This our souls only Christmas ambition.

Happy Christmas everyone….💛🙌🏼🙌🏾🙌🏿🙌🏽


Dear readers,

I am thankful for the support and encouragement you have given me as I have written this blog everyday for some time. I am hopeful that it has been some help to a few, and it has blessed me as I have studied and written about the Scripture.

I am feeling very tired at the moment and am taking a break from posting. I will finish my commentary on First John and publish it for Christmas.

I hope you will have a break too and enjoy the presence of the Lord in your life.

Christian love and kind regards, Shirley Hamilton.


This book will comfort you and not distress you about the future times that are coming soon. Revelation was written for the comfort and admonition of the saints of God and not as a sensationalistic piece of literature. It is a vision and full of symbolism, which is hard to decipher. God relates to us His plan for the gospel and the salvation of souls and not just an almanac about the coming end times.

These times are coming soon and the Lord stands at the threshold of the door. We must be ready, like the wise virgins at the wedding feast.

This book is not pre-millennialists in stance, but the obvious truth that Christ will come and the end with Him. The coming kingdom is almost here- let us rejoice in the Lord at His deliverance.

Available on Amazon

Search: Shirley Hamilton Revelation


This devotional commentary is now available on Amazon.

Search: Psalms Shirley Hamilton

This is a devotional commentary put together over many years of reading and meditating on the Psalms and benefiting from their deep wisdom and comfort. The comments are my personal responses to the Word of God, which has been so delightful to me and much comfort and strength over the years. The love of God is written in every Psalm and the antidote for all sorrow and inner pain.
I hope you will enjoy this commentary and that it will fill you with hope and wisdom as you follow the Lord.

Praise the Lord

I praise the Lord for what He has done in my life, my mind and soul. He alone is worthy of all our praises and we lift Him up and glorify His mighty name. He has released us from the bonds of sin and death, oppression and misery and sets our feet upon a high rock, even Jesus our Saviour.

Today this is my post and I rejoice in Christ my Lord for what is ahead for me. God has done great things for me, of which I am glad, but there is more to come. The power of the Spirit within makes us over-comers by that same power. All who know and love Him will honour Him and obey the holy Word.

I continue with my studies and posts tomorrow with a new book, the book of first John. I hope you will follow and read and be blessed. The Lord is with His people and we rejoice today in His glorious presence.

Praise the Lord…