This book will comfort you and not distress you about the future times that are coming soon. Revelation was written for the comfort and admonition of the saints of God and not as a sensationalistic piece of literature. It is a vision and full of symbolism, which is hard to decipher. God relates to us His plan for the gospel and the salvation of souls and not just an almanac about the coming end times.

These times are coming soon and the Lord stands at the threshold of the door. We must be ready, like the wise virgins at the wedding feast.

This book is not pre-millennialists in stance, but the obvious truth that Christ will come and the end with Him. The coming kingdom is almost here- let us rejoice in the Lord at His deliverance.

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This devotional commentary is now available on Amazon.

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This is a devotional commentary put together over many years of reading and meditating on the Psalms and benefiting from their deep wisdom and comfort. The comments are my personal responses to the Word of God, which has been so delightful to me and much comfort and strength over the years. The love of God is written in every Psalm and the antidote for all sorrow and inner pain.
I hope you will enjoy this commentary and that it will fill you with hope and wisdom as you follow the Lord.

Praise the Lord

I praise the Lord for what He has done in my life, my mind and soul. He alone is worthy of all our praises and we lift Him up and glorify His mighty name. He has released us from the bonds of sin and death, oppression and misery and sets our feet upon a high rock, even Jesus our Saviour.

Today this is my post and I rejoice in Christ my Lord for what is ahead for me. God has done great things for me, of which I am glad, but there is more to come. The power of the Spirit within makes us over-comers by that same power. All who know and love Him will honour Him and obey the holy Word.

I continue with my studies and posts tomorrow with a new book, the book of first John. I hope you will follow and read and be blessed. The Lord is with His people and we rejoice today in His glorious presence.

Praise the Lord…

Tinkling the ivories…

I am getting older, as are we all, but the Lord is still with me and still so kind of me in the places where he is bringing me to. I am hoping to join a church where the Word of God is preached and the worship and fellowship are warm and true. They let me be in the band, even though I am a classically trained pianist, but it is so good to learn new things and about new people. Our skills never get out of date, we just have to adapt and change with the times and seasons and learn from the people around us.

I love playing my electric piano at home, and the keyboard at church is good too. It is so satisfying to be able to lead the tune and let other people show what they can do with guitar, voice, saxophone and drum. We all have to listen to each other and get to know how each other work and interact with the music. I enjoy it so much.

Over in the corner is a wonderful grand piano, a lovely machine with a good sound and action. I want to play it, but it doesn’t fit in with the band. I think we could make it work, of we wanted to, not all the time, but for variety sake. I love the piano, especially a proper grand piano, so I play it a bit before the service to amuse myself and hear the rich sound of the strings.

The Lord is so good and I love Him for all He allows me to do. I love the way people can invent machines and devices that are clever and help us to learn new things and enjoy life richly. I hope to continue tinkling the ivories and maybe branch out into other kinds of strings too …

Minefields and Clover

Life is full of paradoxes and layers of meaning that we cannot understand. Sometimes we are tempted to think that we have worked out the supreme answer and complete understanding of how human psychology works and the decoding of the labyrinth that is the human psyche.

We cannot work it out. Our own minds are mysteries to us and as the years go by, we come to see that we know precious little about anything.

These short essays are meant to stimulate interest in the world we were made for, where spiritual knowledge is the key. To know the Master and follow Him is the right path and will lead us safely home to eternity where our minds will be understood and made to be what they were meant to be.

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Thank you

Thank you to bloggers and friends who look at and encourage me with this website. If you found it helpful, maybe you could share the address with others you know. I am going through the book of Psalms at the moment and making a comment each day. It is helping me to focus on the Scriptures and think more deeply about the implication for my Christian life. I hope you also find it helpful.

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A road of words

Words can lead us down many and varied roads in the thought processes of our minds. They help us to sort out our thoughts and feeling and assign meaning to the circumstances of our lives. Words matter, and I hope you will enjoy the new anthology of poems.

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