Psalm 70

Please read Psalm 70 (5 verses)

The Psalmist is in a state of panic because his enemies are closing in on him fast. He asks God to intervene quickly and to make haste to help him. He asks specific things about the enemies that they will be confused and not be able to carry out their plans, maybe some infighting that will deflect the potency of their attacks on him. The writer asks that they are confounded in their planning of their wicked schemes so that none of them turn out to be successful. Let them be overcome with cowardice and turn back from their attacks on him and their scoffing to be directed at themselves, as the Lord will scoff at the wicked in their wickedness.

On the opposite emphasis, the psalmist asks that those who seek the Lord will be filled with rejoicing and hope and faith, so that the arrows of the wicked do not infiltrate their lives and mindset. The uplifting of the name of the Lord is the antidote to the panic and depression the righteous feel when under the attack of enemies. As we rehearse the majesty and power of God, we remind ourselves of His ability to rescue and protect us and that we are surrounded by His mighty love.

The psalmist finishes with the admission that he is poor and needy and is ready and waiting for the deliverance of the Lord. He knows his future is with the Lord and his victory is secure in the Lord his God.