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Love and holiness


God is love. He is in His whole being, love. Everything He does is rooted in love. However, God also has wrath. This is another side of love. God hates sin. Sin destroys everything and is practiced in our world by us as people. Our world is ruined by the effects of sin and as humans we have destroyed our world in all aspects. Physical, political, spiritual aspects of life are tainted with our sinful mindsets and desires.

God will eventually deal with that sin finally and absolutely, and it will spoil no more. Those who insist in holding onto it, will be destroyed also. The foolish idea that God will in the end, let everyone off, is not love. God’s pure love will not allow His heaven or His people to be ruined by this sin. Sin is in its essence hatred of God and all that is good, so it will not last. Love conquers all. Love hates sin and runs from it.

The three persons of the trinity relate to each other in love. There is no arguments, rancour, ill-will, petulance, disagreement, or self-seeking. There is only love. Because love reigns there is also peace. There is no fear, guilt or shame, because all is perfect. The state of love is the state of perfection. This is the glory of God. This is holiness.

We do not even recognise this, because we are sinners. We are used to sin and we actually want sinful stuff. Sinful desires are part of us, which is why we need a Saviour. We are laden down with guilt and shame, and we need God to point it out to us. God has given us His word so that we can understand our need, seek Him, and find Him. His astounding love wants to rescue us from the consequences of our sin.

If I say I know God and I believe He loves me, that same love must be in me. This is the trademark of a Christian. This attribute of love will give me the motivation to also pursue holiness. No one will see God without this holiness. This applies to every Christian.

Love is more than we realise. Everything God does, He does in love. This is hard for us to take in, because God allows some very painful and testing events to happen to us. Often we cannot see His love and think it isn’t there. We mistrust Him, and it makes things worse. But His love is as strong as death and no one can stop its power. We must be careful with love, to do that it asks, and obey as it guides us in our lives and shows us the way to heaven.

There is no love without God and there is no holiness without Him either. If we have no love – the true and powerful love of God in our hearts, we will also lack holiness. So may we seek to by holy, and to have love for other Christians and those who don’t believe, that we will be a worthy daughters in His kingdom.