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“praying together for us also, that God may open to us a door for the word, to speak the mystery of Christ, for which I am also in bonds;”

This is what we live for as Christians people. To speak the Word of Christ. Either using voice or the written word, we seek to tell the sinner about the reality of forgiveness and a new life, and the saint, the building up of faith and love. We pray that God will open doors for us to speak for Him and we take every opportunity that He affords us to spread the good news about Jesus. We pray for each other that we will have the courage and knowledge to speak when we get a hearing and the ability to make the most of every opportunity to comfort people with the love of Christ. 

We speak the mystery of Christ. It is a mystery because it is not from the human psyche, and therefore cannot be understood without the Spirit of God teaching us. The message is from God and relates His love for us when we were still His enemies and dead to His voice, He died for us. No one else would do such a thing for us and no one else will love ignoble us. Though we are far from God, He reaches out to us and calls us to come to Him personally and repent of our sin. We can know the freedom from its stultifying bonds, as a gift from God. God is willing to give us total forgiveness for everything and eternal life when this life is over. The love of God knows no bounds and He offers it freely to us. The mystery is His sacrificial love that will hold us fast and bring us safely home to heaven. There is no other gospel and no other salvation. 

The Apostle Paul sought to speak this message at every chance he would get and asks the believers at Colosse to pray for open doors to do so. He is in prison at this point and so his opportunities seem limited, but God is able to deliver his servant and raise him up to speak again. Even in prison Paul is reaching out to the Christians in the churches and writing the letters, of which this is one. Perhaps he is thinking of the door of the prison opening for him, so that he can visit the churches again and further spread the gospel. Perhaps he know this is the end of the line for him, but is encouraging us to take up the torch of truth and run with it. 

Beloved, do we pray for each other in this way? Do we seek to be useful to Christ and be adept at speaking for Him? We put our trust and confidence in the Lord and know that He will help us as we step up to witness for Him. As God opens the door, so we can go through it and make the most of our opportunities to make a difference for Christ and be ambassadors for His sake.