“Though rulers sit together and slander me…”

There are leaders who hold almost total control and influence over the people they are supposed to care for. They use the people to bolster up their self-image and worth. They are manipulators and abuses of the human will and psyche. Their words cause fear and a need to acquiesce to the wishes of the leader. This is bullying in a grand scale and we don’t even recognise it. The names of God are used to justify and validate the words and behaviour of these spiritual blights.

Christian people must use their God-like and God- orientated minds to understand who is speaking the truth of God. Even the Scriptures are used and twisted to justify certain life-style choices and to uphold a status quo that oppressed people and causes misery and heartache.

There are leaders who will thoughtlessly and selfishly speak against other Christians who live differently from them, to gain a moral leverage in their own minds. They will ruin lives and cause untold prejudice towards others. Leaders will do it openly, as their followers always follow, since they are well grounded in the slanderous ways of speaking and thinking that come straight from hell. It keeps Christians in chains and unbelievers out of the kingdom of God. 

Examine the heart and see what is there. Never mind what you have heard or been taught. Look and see if you are true and that your heart speaks rightly to your conscience. Do not join the ranks of the slanderers, even if it means you are alone. God is with you.