Psalm 147

Please read Psalm 147 (20 verses)

Praise is good for our psyche. We were made to praise our God. It gives us a strong sense of well-being, happiness and pleasure. It is a sure remedy for the troubles of life and we are instructed to rejoice always. The Lord will keep us in perfect peace when our mind is focused on Him and we worship Him. The Lord is gathering in His people, delivering them from the power of the enemy and healing all their inner and spiritual wounds. By His mighty power He lifts the needy and casts down the wicked.

The Lord sustains all His marvellous creation, and sustains the people of God who humble themselves before Him. God does not delight in human strength nor any of our vaulted show of human power, but gives strength to those who delight in Him, who fear Him and put their hope in His unfailing love. It is faith that pleases God and not our demonstrations of devotion, however amazing they might be.

Gos sends His commands over all the earth. The weather, the hail and the snow obey Him and so should we. We see His demonstration of power in the natural realm and lift our voices to praise Him. The Lord has revealed Himself in the Scripture and we read His power and glory there. We see it revealed in the works of grace that He showers on humankind and most clearly in the message of the gospel. We see it revealed in His Son, Jesus Christ, our Saviour. There is no excuse for anyone to not know or not to find the Lord, for He has shown us His glory. The psalmists tells us clearly to praise the Lord, for as we acknowledge Him and come to Him in faith, we are made part of the holy city of Zion and are filled with the praises of His people. As God has determined the stars, so He also determines the number of His people. Let us be glad and rejoice to be part of that company.