Psalm 128

Please read Psalm 128 (6 verses)

We are blessed to walk in the ways of the Lord for they bring us life, health and peace. The Lord promises good things to those who will walk with Him and be obedient to His word. We trust in the Lord and follow Him because of who He is and this realisation creates a holy fear in us of His majesty and person. God promises us good things, reasonable and settled things, not grandiose ideas that we might have for ourselves.

God says we will be able to work and enjoy the fruit of it, providing for our families and having enough to keep us in life and health. He does not promise great riches, because they are a snare to us. Riches bring many troubles and thoughts and motivations that are hard for us to handle, so in His mercy, He keeps us from that kind of “success.” To have our daily bread is the standard and not the covetous attitudes of this fallen world.

God gives us families and we rejoice to be part of a family. Families are so different and God gives each set of people each other to look after and nourish. Families can fall into difficulty, but the Lord keeps them and will honour all those who honour Him. The Lord delivers His people and will provide for each one according to His kindness, this is the promise and we can claim it each day.

The Lord blesses us from the heavenly city where we will all meet around His table of celebration – the whole family of God, complete and redeemed forever. To belong to this family is the main reason for life. If we should find ourselves without a family we are still amply provided for. To be adopted into the family of God is true and eternal blessing, and gives us the belonging we long for.