There are no privileged people. If we do not know the Lord our God for ourselves, and walk with Him every day, and have a living developing relationship, we are on the outside. We are lost, dead in sins and living out sinful works under the judgment of God.

No person is more attractive or more favoured by God, because of the family or church they have been born into. We are all moral failures, born with immoral inclinations and fully inclined to follow the wrong way, and reject the love and mercy of God. Some people know a lot about God and are very, very familiar with the scriptures and many even feel some love or regard for them, but the soul is dead towards God, inclined to self-righteousness and the legality of following some sort of code.

People need to know Christ personally, they need to humble themselves and come to Him to find forgiveness for the sins they have stored up, in mind, heart and behaviour.

If we don’t know Christ, we have nothing and although we may seem to follow, He is not with us and we have never faced up to ourselves and our deep spiritual need.

Privileged people are those who have seen their immeasurable need, and have humbled themselves enough to seek God, and find a full forgiveness, free to them, yet costing an incalculable price. They have the privilege of knowing Christ and all his love forever.