Outcast is ok

“But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD, ‘because you are called an outcast,”

Jeremiah 30:17

It’s ok to be an outcast. In fact, it’s a bonus. God has mercy on those who find themselves on the receiving end of spite and hatred. Many suffer in this way, as the acceptable methods of controlling people are detrimental to our characters and emotional and spiritual life. We live in very difficult times, and the number of people, children included, suffering mind illness issues, is growing.

We have a situation in our world where governments are dictating to their societies, like never before. People are interred in their homes and life has shut down. Some people are loving the fact that they can exert power over others and tell everyone what to do. There is ultimate meddling in people’s lives and an accepted social, tyranny is over the whole world.

Many are feeling left out, isolated and fearful. We are told not to visit each other, no touching, keep the individuality of your face covered, and you must not go out unnecessarily. Oppression is everywhere, and people are being hurt in ways we have never known was possible. We are finding we are more than physical and have more needs that food and drink. Many do not even have these things.

Businesses are shut down, because the laws say they must for public safety. Families have no income and many are doing without. We have time to think and evaluate our lives and the situation in which we live, wondering about purpose and destiny.

Perhaps God will again renew the oppressed people and speak into our lives with His life. We may have lost our own, or at least the one we thought we had, but realise there is more. We don’t have to live with the oppression of others, and be so unhappy with our lot. Those who trust in God will be delivered and He has promised to supply our need. God will restore our health and heal our wounds. That’s a promise. Oppression does not last.

If we are disappointed with our lives and what is happening all around us, we have a refuge in God. He will deliver all who will trust Him and obey His Word.