The wells of this life will run dry and the Christian will suffer thirst. This is a reality we face so that we will learn to drink deeply from the Living water as our daily sustenance. May we run instinctively to the fountain head. The rivers of the world will all dry up, but the refreshment that ever flows from the cross of Christ will never cease. 

If we should turn to the things of this life we will be disappointed for sure. How can worldly possessions or experiences fill our eternal soul? Our souls are made for God, and nothing else will do.

In our folly we look to the pleasures of this world to divert our thinking and administer sensations that change our mood. But we are more than body- we are mainly soul. If our souls stay dead to God, we are to be most pitied. 

But if we should turn and repent and seek the Lord with all our hearts, we would find real joy. Our souls would know God and relate to Him, and our lives would be filled with the Spirit of God, teaching and giving us the power to do what God wants us to do. We are not robots, but Spirit-filled beings that rejoice to know God and to be made like Him. 

When we are dry let us come to the Living One, Jesus Christ, who is our Lord and brother and He will fill us with the Living water that flows out of those who love Him.