This modern day condition is curious. It seems to focus its main assault on the psyche of men, and some women also. It’s attributes are well documented in the media, and the discussions that ensure have helped many people to face extreme emotional and spiritual trauma in their lives.

Narcissism is an extreme form of selfishness, which is a moral failure in the hearts and minds of the human persona. It propagates all kinds of other failures, and if left unchecked, will results in tyranny, bullying, and very inflated thinking about oneself (megalomania). It seems to start with men in family settings, and the first affected by the outcomes of this disease, will be the other partner. Marriage will not last, and other failures will result.

The wife will be left to pick up the pieces, not realising what is happening, until, it is too late for her to do something about it. What will ensure is years of suffering for the partner, who will be put down, used as a drudge, and put upon like a stupid drone, who cannot feel of see or do anything to help herself. It will affect other family members, who will become contaminated by this condition as well.

The suffering partner can find themselves as the only person with feeling and a conscience, and will be therefore separated from friends and family, and made to feel very low about themselves. They will be reinforced in this position and can stay there for many years. The hardness that surrounds them, may also infiltrate their own psyche and they may find themselves accepting the situation as “normal.” Others may also reinforce this scenario.

The loneliness and isolation will erode self confidence and end in disaster for that person. The only recourse is to get out from the situation at all costs. It will be very painful, but the wife must get the courage to leave for he own sake and to take the children with her. Should she stay, for whatever reason, usually not understanding the hidden moral disease that is in the husbands heart (he is a good man, after all…) it will spell disaster for her and cause untold pain and suffering.

The victim of this narcissistic man will find herself constantly being put down and undermined and made to think she is less than everyone. Her work will be unappreciated and even, denigrated, and she will have to fight to get any recognition at all. She will ultimately be left out of the family and made to feel it is all her fault. The crushing blows of blame will destroy her own psyche and mind illness will follow from this course of treatment.

Narcissism is a great social evil, which has made its nest in the hair of our society and is breeding birds upon birds of evil dark forces, which are keeping women down and men in a complete disaster mode.

Someone must stop the rot and change the psyche, especially of the so-called, family man. I am calling out this disease, selfishness, and asking men everywhere to repent and believe what their maker is saying in the Holy Scriptures. If we are to save our souls, our families and our precious communities, we must repent and turn from this disease. Only God can help us. No amount of counselling will break this spell. It is straight from the pit of hell and we must let it go back there.

Get out while,the going is good, as they say! You cannot let yourself be consumed by this disease, and it will destroy everything you are, in the end. Get out with your loved ones, and let him get on with him selfish, conceited, paranoid, psychotic life, and make your own fresh start somewhere else. You will be alone, but God will, help you in so many ways, you will end up being so blessed and happy.

This disease affects every kind of family group. Wether you are straight of gay, you must watch out for your own mind health, and not allow yourself to be so brow- beaten that you get caught in the endless downward cycle of depression. All these things are connected, so seek the one who made you, read His Word in the Holy Scriptures, and you will escapes with your life, not always with much else. God is faithful and will not let you be destroyed. Be wise and follow Him and obey Him.

Narcissism is evil. Get away, stay away, and grow….