Unawakened love

“Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you by the gazelles and by the does of the field: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”

Other people are brought into the scenario. Young people looking for love…the woman teaches them through her experiences. Though you are young and full of vigour, do not go after love until the right time. Do not indulge in physical or emotional relationships until you are secure about yourself. You cannot possibly understand the complexities of love if you do not understand some of the complexities of your own mind. Understanding our own minds Is one of the most difficult things that we can do because of minds are so complex and they change so rapidly. To mix that in with the mind of another person and the complexities of emotions requires a great deal of maturity.

This is why we need the right kind of parents and the right kind of counsellors and the right kind of mature and loving friendships. We will need council and we will need teachers and people that we can talk to you about our emotions especially, when they involve other people. We need wisdom beyond her years so that we will make wise judgements and so that we will walk our lives in honesty And so make it to the end triumphant.

The gazelles and the does of the field are vigourous and quick and light on their feet. They make decisions – snap decisions, but we must be wise in the decisions that we make. We must be thoughtful and hesitate before jumping in and making rash promises that we cannot possibly keep. We should be slow to make that the most important of promises to be with someone forever and I love them forever and we must make that promise with great thoughtfulness and great and deep wisdom. The desire for this kind of romantic love must not be taken lightly. It must not be awakened too early in a persons life and causing great problems but having to make these decisions when they are too young to do so. Desire needs to be kept at bay until the right moment. Desire must not be awakened early or it will turn into serious abuse, and great trouble with arise especially in the life of young women. No one should awaken love in a casual way without some understanding that they will carry the situation through to the very end. It is that serious. Casual sexual and emotional relationships hurt like nothing else. They hurt more than words and they hurt more even the marriage promises when they are broken. When the words do not match the actions they cause grief and bitterness and even rage.

Who can calm the fury of a woman who has been so wronged. There will be anger that rages, even like the fires of hell and it will turn into great grief for that person who has wronged the woman. But God will help the oppressed. He always helps the oppressed and the oppressor will suffer His rage and anger in time also, unless there is deep contrition and repentance. A furious woman is a disgrace to the man and will bring dishonour to his name and will bring blame and rage to his door at every possible opportunity. No one will be able to stop the torrent of contempt that she feels for him and she will make sure he knows it. Unless the Lord steps in and puts His robe of protection around people who hurt in this way, there is great loss.

Do not start Desire, before the right time and do not stop Desire before the right time for you will suffer a loss on both occasions. Listen to the words of the wise woman.