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“Tell Archippus, “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you fulfill it.”

Paul now singles out a brother for a personal mention, presumably because Paul is concerned about in the work he is doing, or not doing for the Lord. Archippus is a fellow worker with Paul and is in charge of the church in Colosse, as a minster of the gospel. He has been given this task to do, by the Lord, and must do it with all his heart and soul, and Paul is telling him here that he must get on with that task. His work is to preach the Word to the believer and the unbeliever alike, to teach the saints and preach the gospel of salvation from sin, to the outsiders. 

Perhaps Archippus was not so dedicated as he should have been and had lost some enthusiasm for the service of the Lord, which he had been entrusted with. He must find again his peace with God and put in the efforts necessary to fulfil his calling as a minister of the Lord Jesus. Paul says, “take an interest” and get your mind, hearts and body in gear for the work of the Lord. Archippuus must defend the truth of God and teach the people against the error that is creeping into the congregation. This was a big problem and still is. We need ministers,  who will faithfully hold on to the truths of God and preach them to the people, not people-pleasers who minister to itching ears, but someone who will stand for what is true in all circumstances.

We also must take the interest in the task that God has given us to do for His glory, whatever those tasks might be. It does not matter if no one sees us or pays any attention to what we do, we do it as unto the Lord and for the praise of His glory. We are to fulfil our calling and obey.

Maybe he is also encouraging the church to get behind their brother and help and support the ground-breaking ministry he is doing in the outreach for precious souls in the local community. Maybe he is telling the saints to make their minster more accountable to them and to help him to know that they are interested and behind what he should be doing. This also includes being interested enough to be involved and to put all their efforts behind the work of the Lord. 

“Serve the LORD with gladness. Come before his presence with singing.”

Psalm 100:2

We serve with all our hearts and soul. We hold back nothing from the one who died for us and gave everything to save us. 

Beloved, let us encourage each other in the work of the Lord, as He has assigned it to us…