Psalm 32

Please read Psalm 32 (11 verses)

When the Christian falls into sin either by their will or inadvertently, they lose fellowship with the God the Father and life can become uncomfortable for them. The psalmist expresses his situation as having God’s hand heavy on his life and his body being full of stress and fatigue. He has no peace night or day and his strength has been sapped by the guilt that is infiltrating his mind. He comes to the Lord in confession, knowing there is forgiveness and relief for his body, mind and soul.

Blessed are they who are freely forgiven for all their sins and who have repented to the Lord about their failures. Blessed is the person who’s sin has been atoned for and have been given the salvation of God in their souls. Blessed is the person who has been changed and given a new heart and life and made to be like the Lord their God. They have no preponderance to deceit nor do they seek retribution for ill will against them. The Lord is with them continually because they keep away from guile and follow the way of Christ.

The Lord is a hiding place for such people and will hear their heartfelt prayers and answer from His holy mountain. The floods of trouble will never drown the believer and they will be delivered from all destructive forces. We must not be stubborn and resist the way of the Lord, but listen to His teaching and the voice of the Holy Spirit as He speaks in the Word of God. God will surround us with joy and music and dancing and make us a holy and happy people, full of His love. All who are upright will be a rejoicing people, full of good works and a certain destiny of delight and everlasting glory.