This is the Antichrist

“Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the Antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son.”

Some lies are easy to spot and some are not. This one is quite straightforward. Anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ of God and the only Saviour of this world, is an Antichrist. It is not just the obvious deniers of the faith or the rampant atheist, but anyone who lives a life separate from Christ and refuses His legitimate dominion on their life.

“He who is not with me is against me, and he who doesn’t gather with me, scatters.”

Matthew 12:30

If we are not in the kingdom of Christ then we are lost people. Lost to God and to ourselves, though we may not know it or feel it. If we are not serving Christ, then we are against Him and therefore are part of the realm of Antichrist. This is a very polarising position, and there is no middle ground, no-man’s-land or fence to sit on. It could not be clearer, that those who entertain lies have no part in the kingdom of God. The very essence of the Antichrist and the spirit of the Antichrist is deceit. The people who come under his dominion are deluded and believe a lie that will lead them down into perdition, namely that they are safe in their worldly mindset and God will overlook sin. This is the lie that brings many into a place where there is no Christ and only the personal repayment of past sins forever.

The loving Apostle warns us of this mindset and the danger of ignoring Jesus our only Saviour and relying on our own faulty judgment. It is our natural inclination to imbibe the spirit of the age and swallow the lies of Antichrist, but we resist this and fly to the only Saviour of our souls, Jesus the Saviour of the world and our Lord and God. We acknowledge Him and repent of our sinful mindset and behaviour and come to Him for the cleansing power of the sacrifice He made on Calvary. Only in Jesus is found true forgiveness and peace in our soul. Only He can cleanse away the sin and guilt and make us right with God. Only He can give us spiritual life and the desire to be holy and the courage to be different from the people of this fallen world. We seek Him and find everlasting life as we walk in a new life to God.

Anything else in against this message and against Christ.