“This garment was seamless, woven in one piece from top to bottom.”

John 19:23

The robe of Jesus of Nazareth was seamless. The fibres had been woven together as one piece. Where did He get it from? Jesus didn’t buy it- He had no money, or maybe He bought it from His paltry wages earned in Joseph’s carpentry shop.

Who made it? It must have been made by a master craftsman or woman. A garment made by a master, for the Master…

It did not need to be sown up, because it was one-piece, so it must have been woven in the round, using the same principle of knitting on circular needles. Maybe it was knitted cotton, like jersey or the way we weave nylon.

The maker of this robe, had an idea and tried it out. It worked well. Who could have this lovely prototype as a very special garment? The weaver gave it to Jesus, a craftspersons gift to the holy God – no one more special than Him.

So, our God, in the person of Jesus Christ wore this beautiful garment, a gift from an admirer. Martha washed it many times, when Jesus stopped at her house for refreshment.

The humans took it from Him and desecrated that beautiful robe in a craven act of greed. He watched them from the cross, where He hung to pay for our despicable failure. The Scripture was fulfilled and Jesus the Saviour, forgave them all.

The robe disappeared from history and the fibres rotted away.

Christ now wears another robe, far superior to any human invention. It is pure, righteous and majestic, and one like it, waits for all those who are waiting for Him. This is forever. Only the righteous crave this robe and they will get what they desire.



The gap between this present reality and the blossoming of the true life of body and soul, will be non-existent.  As the Christian steps over the threshold of eternity we will become more ourselves, than we have ever been, and a perfect image of Christ, which is our true desire. Never again will corruption, sickness, poverty or sin, ever snap at our heels, but we shall be truly free to extend our abilities, explore the many worlds beyond the space and time that we are presently confined to.

We will have no need of anything, and no strength will be lacking as we live as we are supposed to live, in true fellowship with the Spirit of God and the bodily presence of the Saviour. We shall be safe forever in the loving arms of a Heavenly Father, who has purposed that we should be there with Him. All our Fear will completely dissipate and love will be made complete in every realm, so that safety and confidence will be our constant experience.

I don’t know what I will do, because I wouldn’t be able to take it in anyway in this present restrictive atmosphere, but everything will be the expression of enjoyment, love and ultimate creativity.

No one will hold the Redeemed back, or remind us that we are only human. We shall stretch our hands out and praise our maker with every fibre of our being, and the strength of rejoicing will fill every part of mind and body as we fill up with his power and presence.

No longer will there be need for comfort or refuge or restraint, as the wisdom and majesty of God fills our being and we know him truly, and the power that raised Christ from the dead.

As we walk the ways of our life in the here and now, we walk closer to him with each passing day and feel and know a growing knowledge of his ways, truth and love, so that when he calls us home, we will go gladly, and it will not be a wrench, for we will be familiar with his presence and call out his name as we meet him.

What it will be to meet him face to face, I cannot know. To have no regrets, because he has washed them all away and to have treasure for him, to give him, will cause those wonderful words to be heard… “Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Lord…”

What a gathering.! What rejoicing as we enter his felt and known presence for ever…