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The sword of the Lord!


The sword of the Lord and of Gideon!

This is the sword…

It is razor sharp, to cut between the bones and the marrow.

It is fearful, it will cut to ribbons, if not wielded aright.

It is double edged, it cuts right and left, it brings death on both the sharp sides. It reveals what is true and what is fake.

What is this mighty weapon?

The very Word of the Living God…

Those who walk by it never go wrong. Those who learn to use it will bring many to righteousness. Those who use it wrongly, will suffer loss.

The stakes are high and the blade is sharp. Will you discipline yourself before the Lord to use it rightly?

Will you keep it hidden in the scabbard? or be a warrior saint, triumphant and victorious.?

This sword brings death and life.

It enlivens the faithful warrior who has taken it boldly and fights for others.

It slays the lazy and complacent who don’t realise its power or have never learned the battle cry.