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Going forward


Pray in the power of the Spirit of God and stand strong.

Practice and spread around the love of God to others and draw near to Him constantly.

Eagerly wait for the eternal life that Jesus bought for you and know it will come to full fruition. People you meet and know, who waver about believing in Christ and who doubt their faith and the forgiving attitude of God, bear with them and support them.

Bring sinners to faith. Save lives and souls from falling into hell, grab them back from the unheeding relentless tramp into destruction. Open closed eyes to see the awful truth about punishment and the sheer delight of knowing the living God.

Those who have wronged us, let us forgive, as we have been forgiven, knowing our receiving of mercy depends on our own show of mercy.

Let us hate corruption in all it’s expression and wash ourselves clean from the sullying effects of this world’s ways, attitudes and fashions.

Only the Lord Christ can make us able to do any of these things and only he is able to present us to the father in heaven at the end.

Our rejoicing is in Him only.