Psalm 146

Please read Psalm 146 (10 verses)

If we are trusting in the Lord we are blessed people. If we are trusting in other people, we are not secure. People cannot help us in many instances, and certainly only the Lord knows our inner life, our heart issues and out thinking processes. God is the only remedy for sorrow, as only He has the facility to know the secret depths of our hearts and has the love and power to address those issues. He is the eternal, omnipotent God and has provided all we need for life. He has provided a way for us to be reconciled to Him, to know Him, to talk with Him and the psalmist enjoys that privilege.

The creator of everything is willing to bring us to know Him and to remain faithful to us all our life and bring us safely to His heaven. He will feed us and care for us especially in our souls, which relate to Him. God sets us free from the power of sin and enables us to live godly lives for His glory. He opens our eyes to understand and obey His Word and gives us insight into meaning and purpose. The Holy Spirit comes to dwell in us and we are renewed people as we walk this world with Him.

God watches over the outsider and the oppressed and provides the needs of all those who have no provider. He cares for us daily and watches over every step we take. The Lord reigns over all His people forever and will bring them safely through this troubled life and into the heavenly kingdom. We praise Him for all He is. The psalmist praises the Lord with all His soul, which is the antidote for all suffering and disappointment. We are never disappointed if we trust in the Lord.