I believe in Jesus the Christ, Son of the only God, Saviour and Lord to all who trust in Him. I need no apologetic facts and figures to bolster up my faith. In fact, it could be detrimental to faith, as it undermines belief in the Word of God. Outside arguments are periphery to the trust that strengthens faith, since it depends on man’s knowledge and not God’s irrefutable Truth. Apologetics are founded on the knowledge of this world and it’s thinking and our own faulty human outlook. We must base our faith on something else, something deeper and eternal. 

Apologetics can help us when we are young in the faith and easily intimidated by the philosophy and argument of this world’s “wise” people. But we grow up in Christ, so that we are able to stand true and strong in the strength of the Spirit. We are taught by God in the Word, and that is what makes us powerful in soul and Godly discernment. Our foundations are on Christ and what He says. 

Spiritual understanding is for all who repent and believe and are enlightened by the Holy Spirit of God. If we have no other understanding of philosophy, but the Holy Word, we have everything we need. Faith stands on the rock of Scripture and the person of Christ. Everything else is sinking sand. 

If a person is clever enough to argue another person into believing the Bible, all it takes is for another smarter person to argue that same person back to unbelief. Salvation is not like that. Salvation and a living faith in Christ is a supernatural event in the life of an individual and that person is safe in Christ because “salvation is of the LORD”

Let us keep apology for what it is- a tool to help Christians who are struggling with academia and the intimidation of learning. It can help in some regards, but to build faith in the Lord our God, is ideal. That will last because it is reasoning from the Scripture and therefore honouring to God.