Psalm 8

Please read Psalm 8 (9 verses)

The glory of the Lord can be seen in the created order but is set in majesty above the heavens. The redeemed of the Lord will see it one day, when we are able, but for now we glorify His name through the sight of His creation. The name of the Lord is excellent and is seen and obvious through all the earth. The praise of the Lord comes from weak and seemingly futile sources that His glorious strength might be seen, as he preserves them and silences those who are vengeful against Him. He upholds the weak and lowly and brings down princes.

God has made women and men, who are so easily compromised and yet gives humankind such honour and dignity, made in His own express image. The psalmist looks at the display of the hosts of heaven, the moon and stars at night, and is amazed at the glory to be observed there. It is so stunning to imagine what is out there, and beyond, in the heaven where God dwells. We leave that to the reality of the heavenly kingdom and rejoice in faith at what Christ is preparing for His bride, the church of God.

The writer speaks of one “made a little lower than the angels” and yet has been crowned with glory and honour, speaking of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who has humbled himself and become obedient to death, even death on the cross. All things are under His dominion – everything that God has made is for Him and to Him. The birds and beasts and the animals of the sea are all for Christ and the eternal glory of His name. That glorious name is raised high by all who love Him and the whole earth is full of that glory.