Psalm 15

Please read Psalm 15 (5 verses)

The psalmist ask a question about the kind of person who will be able to live in heaven with God. After the truths set out in the previous Psalm, we can see that no one is worthy to take that place, nor are we morally able to survive in that holy environment. Yet there will be an innumerable multitude there in heaven. There must be some change in the character of these people to make them fit to be there with God.

What are the hallmarks of these changed people?

These people have true and honest hearts that are true with themselves and face their unrighteousness and deal with it, making them people who do righteous works and say righteous words. They guard their words very carefully and do not backbit other people or gossip about them behind their back, building up a false profile that scapegoats someone to divert blame. They do not join in when other people are being regaled or say inconstant things about their friends. They keep their own council and bring matters of concern to the Lord.

The righteous person does not honour a vile person and despises the character that lives a life of iniquity, against the Lord. They keep their word and are slow to make promises and take oaths that they cannot keep. The heart of this person has been changed to hate violence and any form of hurt toward other people. They give freely and do not extort money out of those who have little, nor do they take money as a bribe to divert justice away from the right decisions. These people who please God love justice and will ensure that it is done so that the innocent go free and the guilty are punished. Their life is one of sincerity and honesty and they face their difficulties with a true heart that seeks the will of God and the protection of His people.

God says that whoever is like this will not be moved from their good position before Him. It is easy to see that none of us are like this without the changing power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We must seek the forgiveness of God and the new life that He offers that allows us to have worthy lives. Our character has been changed to be like Christ. Only then can we be sincere in our love for others and seek to obey the Lord in our daily life. It is the Lord who make us fit to live in that holy place and to live holy lives while still here in this world.