Psalm 38

Please read Psalm 38 (22 verses)

The psalmist is in personal trouble, for he has deviated from the way of God and is suffering the consequences of his sin. The arrows of guilt and fear has permeated his psyche and he is suffering in all parts of his being. He asked God not to rebuke him and to turn the punishment and pain away from his life. Although he belongs to God, he feels the tail end of God’s wrath in his mind and it is a burden too heavy to bear. He cannot bear being separated from his God in any way, such is the fellowship they enjoy together.

He is suffering in his body with actual physical pain because of his wandering heart, and his mind and soul also suffer in anguish and pain. Friends and family have rejected him because of the effect of sin in his life. He is alone, crushed and groaning in his soul to be released from the pain of guilt and anguish. His only refuge is the Lord, since it is the Lord he has offended, and he knows there is mercy with the Lord uniquely.

The writer of this Psalm is acutely aware of the enemy who gather around waiting for a opportunity to strike and bring him down into the depths of despair. He is powerless, blind, deaf and dumb to the onslaught, but God is his refuge and strength in this present deep trouble. He feels his sin acutely and wished to be free from it and to have the victory in his life over the foes that surround him. The psalmist confesses his sin and admits his great fault and asks for reconciliation to God his Saviour. This is a penitential psalm and teaches us to turn to the Lord in our sinfulness and to experience the free forgiveness He offers to us. However far down the road of guilt we may go, the Lord can and will release us and set us free from it.