“… and I will sell your sons and your daughters into the hands of the children of Judah, and they will sell them to the men of Sheba, to a faraway nation, for the Lord has spoken it.”

Those who have enslaved the people of God will now find themselves the brunt of the same treatment. God will recompense His people and vindicate their position before Him. Gods will not allow the oppression to run on forever, but is working out His eternal purposes for his people. Often His will seems to melt in with the shadows of life and we cannot discern what His purposes are. This is where faith takes hold and walks on even when the future is so dimly lit we cannot see in front of us. The promises of God forever remain and we take hold of them as the sure and certain landmarks along the pathway to heaven.

Enemies will never gain the upper hand, even when we are tempted to see it that way. We remain streadfast in the Lord our God and in the many lessons we learn from this Scripture. This lesson is for our encouragement and to help us see the long term view that God sees. The greater our faith the longer we will see and not be disappointed at the current outworking of circumstances. The Lord is gracious and will bear us up in His strong arms so that we do not succumb to fear and fall into sinful responses to our situations.

When we do fall, He will help us to find the way out and be victorious in His strength thereby building faith, hope and love in God. The enemy will find itself far away, but the people of God will be brought into His tender care.