Mock of the arroGAnt

“The arrogant mock me without restraint, but I do not turn from your law.”

Psalm 119:51

The law of God is our constant foundation and daily teacher of His ways. We walk in the way of righteousness with delight and careful obedience. There is no fear in this condition. God’s eternal law has no revoking. It stands forever the same in every history and cultural heritage. We are therefore able to rest secure in its everlasting power. 

It is a truth that holds us fast, and keeps us steady and faithful to our Lord. When scoffers abound, we remain unmoved and know that we are true and safe. 

Only the arrogant who go their own way and follow falsehoods, will go astray from this law. They will mock those who remain true to God and do not cave in to the social and emotional pressure that they are put under by these ungodly people. Christians are put under enormous pressure by outside forces, to turn and join in with the sinful lifestyles and mindsets all around. Mocking is particularly difficult to bear as it is humiliating. 

Our Saviour, Jesus, knows all about it. Even if the opposition comes from your own family, we have the strength to bear it, because we revere the Lord before all others, and trust in the holy law of the Word of God. 

The arrogant will never succeed. They will be revealed to be who they really are and you will walk in with the Lord, rich in His provision.