Falling down

Who can count all laid up for God’s people
It is nothing to do with any church or it’s steeple
Nor is it found in the robes or the smell
Or the empty clanging of the big church bell
God calls you to Himself, He calls you to His own
He wants to lift you, forgive you and raise you to His throne
There you can have access day and night
And never lost from His sight.

The road is narrow and it is long
Fraught with suffering and trials forlorn
We walk not alone but have a helper true
Who will guard and guide and rescue you
The Spirit will lead you in the way of truth
His love and power are the proof
That He is real and you are blessed
And give you strength and daily rest
The church will rot and crumble and fall
Religion with fail and disappoint all
All these things will surely pass away
When the kingdom comes and the glorious day.