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Psalm 130

Please read Psalm 130 (8 verses)

This Psalm is full of hope in the love and mercy of the Lord. The Lord is holy and just so we can depend on Him to be fair and measure out recompense as He sees fit. But the Lord is full of tender mercy and is able to deal with our wrong doing and put us on a right path. He does not hold our sin against us, but is willing and able to forgive it all and make us righteous people. The psalmist is struggling with the memory of past sins and is being tormented by guilt and shame, but he comforts himself by knowing that God does not keep a record of sin. If the Lord remembered our sin, we could not stand before Him, for we are deep-dyed sinners. The Lord has made a way of salvation from that sin and ensuing death, through the death of our Saviour Jesus. Because of Jesus there is no more condemnation and we are free from the guilt and shame.

The psalmist is having trouble holding on to this fact, so he rehearses the goodness of God and calls out to Him in the depths of his misery. The writer is waiting for the release of the deep recognition of this fact, that the Lord forgives and is worthy of our trust. The psalmist puts all his hope in the Lord and waits night and day for the realisation to take hold. His mind understands, but his soul and feelings need to catch up so he can have peace again.

At the end of the Psalm, the realisation sinks in and the psalmist remonstrates with us to put our hope in the Lord because His love is unfailing. The psalmist has been in this position before, and knows that God never fails and never leaves those He loves and has redeemed. We cannot save ourselves, or even comfort ourselves, but must know that salvation is of the Lord and He Himself has provided the way of escape from guilt and shame. Out of the depths of our sorrow we can cry out to Him and He will release us.