Psalm 47

Please read Psalm 47 (9 verses)

This joyful and exultant Psalm rejoices in the sovereign power of the Lord and His mercy towards His people. The Lord is awesome and rules the nations and calls out from among them, a people for His pleasure and names sake. God chooses our destiny, our future and our inheritance for us and His kindness is beyond our understanding. The psalmist calls to us to clap hands, rejoice and shout to the Lord with cries of joy…!

The writer tells us to sing praises to God five times, to exalt His glory and power. We sing psalms of praise because the Lord is King over all the earth and reigns over all from His holy throne. The Queens and Kings of the nations bow to Him, for God holds their power in His hands. As we rejoice before His throne He is greatly exalted.

The Lord loves the praises of His people because He loves His people.

We use all our power to express our love for Him, who has saved us from sin and misery. Body, soul, mind are all involved as we praise the Lord for all His faithful goodness to us. We lift our hands, hearts and our thought to His great name.