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There is the thought that all of our lives are preparing for our death. Death is described as the last enemy, and so it is. It would be so easy to deny the Lord in those difficult moments and loose the reward.

This is not a morbid thought, but one that we should keep in mind. Life can appear so free and easy, our days full of activity and reason, but death comes to us all. In the middle of life we are in death. Jesus carried the reality if it throughout his whole life- it was the reason He came into the world.

We were born to live and not die, but since we live sinful lives, the wages of that state if being, is death.

How far am I trusting the Lord in real terms, every day? Am I aware of His presence and power in my life? Am I pursuing holiness with my whole heart, so that I can cope with increasing difficulties?

The end can come quickly or we can linger for long periods of time, but we all must step over that final threshold into eternity. If we have no faith, we won’t make it. It our faith is weak because we never let it grow, it will be very difficult.

If we belong to Christ, He will carry us through and bring us safely to the promised heavenly home. But we may lack certain comforts that we have not fostered or entertained in this life. Being able to rest in Christ is of vital importance. Being able to fight with our spirit and mind to overcome all temptation and doubt.

This life is the preparation ground for eternity and how we live is important. Some are saved from wrath by the skin of their teeth and some enter heaven gloriously. Every Christian needs to prepare for that great day.

Similarly- Jesus is coming again, very soon. We need to be ready, watching for him and earnestly expecting Him to come for us. The way we leave this life is important and to be a testament to His love and grace is the path to glory…