As He is

“We shall see Him as He is..” 1 John 3:3

Christians who live in time and space walk through life in the power of faith. Faith is the obvious presence of God in the life of a believer. It is a sure evidence that there is a God and a Spiritual life ahead for the Christian. It is our hope and our certain reward in the life to come.

When we step out in time and into the eternal realm, all our faith and hope will gaze upon the reality of heaven. In the centre of it all will be the Lord Jesus Christ. We will see Him for who He is and see Him for ourselves. His form, His face, His human body with the radiance of glory streaming out from His person.

We will see the scars, caused by human sin and see His as our Saviour and Deliverer. We shall worship Him and rejoice in a joy not able to be expressed by human words. And yet will will express our love and devotion. Heaven will

be filled with praises far beyond human thought or invention. As we see Him, all loves will acquiesce and all sorrows will fall away. As we see Him in all His glory, we also will shine like the heavens and this will be our reward. Everything we do in that kingdom will be glory-filled and every power and ability we possess will be shed as pure light, out across eternity.

Can you say this small phrase?

If you have no appetite for this heavenly life, you do not know life in God at all. This view of Jesus and His kingdom is for all those who believe.