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Those with young


Isaiah 40:11 NIV
“He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.”

The shepherd of the sheep is Christ. No one else is worthy or able to sustain them. He was the one who laid down His life for them. The sheep are so valuable to Him and each one is chosen and loved by Him. Jesus looks after the flock always. He feeds, protects and meets every need according to His mighty power and will. Every sheep needs the Shepherd and looks to Him in all circumstances.

Jesus the Shepherd gathers up His lambs in His strong arms and carries them close to His heart. That loving heart will comfort and secure them so that their faith is built up and they are strengthened. The Shepherd does not take away the pain and problem, but He reassures every one of His people to trust Him.

We get close to His heart by immersing ourselves in His Word and coming to know His character and way. When trials come, these Words will be our comfort and constantly remind us that we are loved and kept safe in His arms.

Those of Christ’s sheep who are parents, Jesus gently leads them and shows them the right way to go. Those who are bringing up the young, have special help from the Shepherd. Jesus the Shepherd teaches parents to lead their young in the right way. Showing each one the way to Christ. That is as far as this world can go… God’s praises are deeper the wider. God is far more inclusive that any earthly strategy or system.

Gently leads those who have young people in their care. Mums and Dads, Grandparents, Teachers, childminders, youth workers, Sunday school teachers….
If you are put in charge of young people, you have been given an awesome task. You are responsible for them. You cannot face it alone. God’s promises that those who serve Him in teaching and caring for young ones, will be carefully led by the Shepherd. The Shepherd Jesus will teach you and give you wisdom to judge and apply His Word in all situations.

If you care for the young in any way, you will know the power of God that will make you able to trust Him fully and transfer the application of the Word He says to you. This scripture is a mighty promise. Your children are close to His heart and you will be gently and graciously taught how to look after them.

Mother’s Day is quite a limiting event. God widens it out to include anyone who is sharing His Word and teaching any child. If you should actually bring them to Christ, you are doubly blessed… How good is the Lord…