The steadfast Believer

“Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.”

Proverbs 4:36

The Christian believer cannot ever walk through life in a careless and thoughtless manner. We cannot read the Scriptures lightly or pray to our Father in heaven in a shoddy frame of mind. If we are to obey this directive we must be very conversant and clear about the truth of God. This is how we understand what He says, and eager to obey what our Saviour is saying to us.

To be steadfast is all life long desire and fight to over come sin and self. The focus is on where we go. Everywhere we find ourselves must be in the will of God. As we walk with God we are obeying His voice and making careful judgments about where we go and what we are doing there. Every step is in step with Christ.

As we walk we honour His name and make His presence our delight. It is easy to have a false walk where we just adjust our beliefs and behaviours to suit the company. We must be sure of that company and not be lead astray. Christians who walk worthy and obey fully, can reach out to unexpected people and in situations that most would find difficult. God raises His people, makes them bold and strong and saves the unlikely.

To walk steadfastly with careful attention to where we go, will produce a fruitful life for God. Others may not see it, but the Christian is happy with the daily company of their Lord and friend. May we be those people.