Psalm 49

Please read Psalm 49 (20 verses)

As creatures in our social settings, we are easily intimidated. We elevate the rich and put down the poor. We wish to be like the rich and are impressed by what they possess and own in this world. The poor do not impress us as they have no outward manifestation of success. The psalmist tells us that to be rich and without wisdom is to be like the beasts that perish. Riches are not the preoccupation of the people of God.

This Psalm gives many reasons not to seek riches and worldly success. People who trust in their wealth are proud and self-seeking often putting down the people of God and oppressing them. They die and leave all their money to other people, they lose their souls in the process of seeking riches and though they name lands after themselves, they die like animals. Such is the fate of all who seek this world and not the Lord. Those who trust in themselves are like sheep who die for death is their shepherd!

We are not to be taken in by it, for those who have lots of this world’s goods are well thought of and are deceived by the attention of other people. They imagine they are blessed because other people praise them, but the Lord is not impressed by it all. The rich will never see the light of life, and will be ultimately disappointed in their belongings which can never satisfy or save.

God calls us to listen, for the words of His mouth and the meditation of His heart will bring wisdom and knowledge. Those who trust in Him will not fear when evil days come. Life belongs to God and no one can ransom the life of another with money or goods. Only God has the spiritual riches to redeem us, that is, the shed blood of Christ. Faith in Him is to be truly rich.