Fiery tongues

James 3:5 the same way, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it boasts of great things. Consider how small a spark sets a great forest ablaze.

It takes surprisingly little to teach an animal to obey. A bit and bridle will direct and redirect a horse, a collar and lead for a dog and a tone of voice for a cat. However, the principle is different for humans. People are always seeking their own way and trying to be different from other people. If a person is different, that is a good situation, but trying to copy others is unhealthy and turns people into hypocrites.

We are free to live and move as we will to do, but we can never throw over the everlasting principles upheld by the moral law. If we obey our Lord and God, we will have perfect freedom to choose, for we will choose rightly at all times.

How can we know we are walking in this everlasting way? Let us check our speaking – written, spoken and read words. The three-fold principle of Scripture as always at work. The tongue is a hidden part of the body until we open our mouths and it instantly displays what we are and how our minds work. We see trivial mind process and boasting about what we think we have. We tell people about the great things we do, have done and are going to do. There is no harm in this, if it is true..

But even one unhelpful word can cause Year’s of trouble. We can inadvertently start a spiritual forest fire. Just a spark can set alight a whole area of land and wipe out years of seeming growth. Nevertheless, that same fire can open up the way for new growth and a whole new set of living organisms.

Perhaps this is what is needed today. A blaze of glory and power to sweep through our land and put all evil to flight.

Perhaps the words of our mouths, as Christian people will still rise into flames so that many will be lifted out of the ashes of their lives and find freedom.