Psalm 3

Please read Psalm 3 (8 verses)

The enemies of my souls are all around and inflict me with their negativity and lack of peace. Lord come, quickly to help me…

Such is the cry of the troubled people of God who are defamed and detracted from by the wicked who do not believe. They are accused night and day and threatened with disaster. The doubt that God will ultimately fail them and leave them in the grip of their enemies is used against them, but to no effect. The enemies may rage, and carp and quibble and cause discomfort and pain.But the Lord will not permit His people to be troubled forever. He will deliver them and raise them up in the kingdom of light. They will have great peace, even in this troubled and troubling world. They will lie down in peace and sleep and not be troubled by the unbeliever or any threat from the enemy.

No matter how many foes gather against them, they will be saved and the deliverance will be great. The enemy will be struck and defeated and all the vaunted powers they imagine they possess will be seen as completely ineffectual. This is possible because salvation belongs to the LORD and to Him alone. He is the shield of His people and will hear their cries from His holy hill of Zion and deliver them.