Working life

NOTE: I wrote this article in 2011. It seems cogent to bring it up again. Our country is going for an election and massive changes yet again. I have seen some changes happen and some movement away from the strident power hungry oligarchs we see on TV, except for one, who is a bit different. I pray that God will raise up a bold and honest person, who will have little regard for himself and turn the clock back to times of provision, sharing and lovingkindness…

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Working life

I have worked in paid employment all my life, except for the early years in my children’s life, when it was decided that I stay at home and give them the best possible start to face the world they were born into. I will never regret this, in fact I sometime wish I had lengthened it rather than returning to work when they were both at school.

This period of time was one of shortages for us with no frills and doing without, but we had a quality of life as a family, that money could not provide. There were times of not being able to pay for the weekly shop at the supermarket, but we never went hungry or felt hard done by. There was no car, holiday or new clothes, but the ability to make things good with what we already had. There is such nobility in allowing God to order each seemingly small circumstance of our lives, and experience His sovereign ruling on all fronts.

When a second salary was available, we moved to a bigger house in the city, as the tiny flat we lived in became too small for four people. It all seemed to happen at the right time. Our home is where we all live and breathe and think and plan. It was an investment for our children in the future and to help them get their own lives and ease the burden of earning and digging their own way out of debt and expense.

Because of recent events in politics and economics, that will probable not be the case. Unless we as parents keel over one day soon and leave the scene, we will eat up all the savings and when we do go, our children will be left with no inheritance or financial back up that we had planned. This is the way of the world.

They will also have huge debts, which have built up as university fees, and student loans, and this will hang like an albatross around their necks. This is not what they were promised by the politicians. They will find it increasingly hard to get a job, specifically the job they studied hard to prepare for, and will end up doing whatever jobs are available in a shrinking job market.

Moving out of the family home will not be an option, because they can’t afford deposits for rent or mortgages and cannot earn enough to support that lifestyle. There are many who continue to be denied the opportunity to have their own lives, and make their own decisions about basic human choices, and this will become the norm, as money is squeezed from households already feeling deep cuts.

For the next generation after, it will be worse. European countries and banks are collapsing and in desperation governments are propping them up with citizens money, just to give the impression that it is not too bad after all. But the effects of these incidents will reverberate though the years and the bill has to be picked up by someone.

It is foolish to put your hopes in what this world says or offers. We must be wise and subtle when making decisions and thinking about the future. Consider what will last and what will not get destroyed in the meddling in the systems of human machinations. The future really is very uncertain and we are experiencing this in a direct way, which will affect the outlook of everyone.

Fortunately we are more then breath and appetite. There is the internal world of our true selves, which goes on regardless of outside agencies. We must guard that and treasure that and keep it pure and in tune with what is right and true.

The infestation of regret, disappointment and bitterness will destroy us more than not having enough money to go to the movies. This is going to be the biggest problem facing future generations and also the greatest opportunity for our country to think again about what is real and worthwhile.

It is positive to know that there is one who cares and who provides for all His people no matter what. I think it must be so difficult for our children to think about what to do, and my hat goes off to them as they forge ahead and put their all in to what they have been given to do.

It is amazing how positive we can be, even in discouraging days and we must trust in the one true God that he will give us strength and hope as we face each day. Just as my family faced lean times all those years ago, so we will prevail in these seeming difficulties too.

I continue to work part time, in the strength that has been given me. The circumstances of workplaces are so pressurized, unstable and consumed with this life and this world. The power we have comes only from a soul renewed and given spiritual life by the God who made it and has planned the future for the person. We do His will and keep His precious precepts and rejoice each day in His love.

None of us are promised tomorrow, but we walk by faith and not sight. This is the way to heaven and the delight of walking in his presence every day.