Psalm 148

Please read Psalm 148 (14 verses)

These last Psalms in this book are full of the praises of the Lord. The Psalmist calls on all things to praise God. The heavenly hosts praise Him in the highest heavens; the stars and planets and all phenomenon in the firmament praise His holy name; the weather and all its manifestation in stormy clouds glorify the Lord; the sea creatures in the depths of the ocean sing His majesty; mountains, hills and all trees announce His everlasting nature; the animals, wild and tame and all birds sing of His great provision every day. Should not humankind?

Are we so insensible to His greatness? Are we so stubborn to remain silent at God’s obvious beauty?

Let young and old, exalted and abased, lift their minds, hearts and voices in praise of their glorious king, Jesus, the creator of the ends of the earth and the Saviour of the world. We observe His magnificent splendour and yet remain silent. We are recalcitrant and depressed and unbelieving. Let us cast off our gloom and lift our eyes to all that God has done, in the physical realm and also in the spiritual. Surely, He has done all things well!

Most specifically, may the people close to His heart rejoice before Him with great joy, for He has lifts up a horn for our salvation, ever the Lord Jesus Christ. All those who remain faithful to Him must raise their songs to praise His great name. There is nothing more glorious for the exercise of our souls…