Psalm 50

Please read Psalm 50 (23 verses)

One day the people of God will be perfect before Him and will radiate the beauty of the Lord. From the rising of the sun to its going down the Lord has spoken. He will gather His saints before Him, all who have made the covenant of peace with Him. He does not need or require our sacrifices for the whole world is His. Every bird and wild beast belongs or Him. We are to make our offerings and keep our vows to the Lord and call upon Him in the day of trouble, for He will surely deliver us.

We are the privileged people of the living God and all that belongs to the Lord is also our inheritance. God will shine forth and not be hidden. He will come and not be silent. He will rebuke His own people if necessary, because He is the holy God and sees through all insincerity and hypocrisy. We sacrifice to Him with holy hearts set apart for His glory.

The wicked hate the instruction of the Lord, though they falsely take His word on their lips. They speak and disobey the Lord and cast His words behind them. They are partakers of every evil sin, dishonesty, adultery and evil slander against other people. Those who do evil think that God does not see or hear because He does not act against them right away, but He will rebuke them with great rebuke.

We are to consider the Lord, lest we forget Him and He comes and tear us to pieces. No one can deliver from His hand. All who offer praise, glorify the Lord and all who adjust their conduct to please the Lord will see the salvation of God.