Psalm 48

Please read Psalm 48 (14 verses)

God is greatly praised in the city of God on the holy mountain of Jerusalem. It is beautiful in its position and the joy of all the earth. As we gaze on the dwelling place of God, we see it is beautiful and is a place of refuge for the people of God.

The kings of the earth marvel at it, in fact they are overcome with dread and a sudden attack of pain like the pains of childbirth. The wicked always cower in fear and dread. The city of God will be established forever and will be known as the city of the Lord of Hosts. We see it and it is just as we have heard and we also marvel at it. When we come into the temple of the Lord we are struck by His lovingkindness in including us in His kingdom and at the righteousness of His judgments. The praise of the Lord extends to the ends of the earth and Mount Zion rejoices in it’s Lord.

We must know the Scriptures of we are to stand in the day of trouble. We should read and mark and ponder and rehearse all the council of God so that we can tell it to the generation that follows us. God will guide us through His word now and forever, even to the gates of death.