Psalm 143

Please read Psalm 143 (12 verses)

The psalmist has enemies and they are not all outward. His heart is failing him and his spirit grows faint in his being. He is oppressed by trials within and without. He remembers better days and many instances when God was close, and he longs for those situations again. He sees the work of the Lord and longs to know the presence of the Lord in his life and not the constant fear and dread. The psalmist needs an answer to his prayers or he will slip away from the Lord forever and become like someone who has lost their faith and is heading into perdition.

The writer spreads out untiring hands to the Lord, in the darkness of his soul’s night, and longs for the brightness of the day. Rescue is his chief request, for the oppression of his mind is closing in and his will to follow the Lord is under assault. He asks the Lord for mercy and to be led on level ground where he can be stable and secure. At the moment he is at the mercy of his thoughts and feelings because of the enemies that are attacking him.

The psalmist appeals to the name of the Lord, that God’s name will be exalted when he is delivered from all his foes. He is sick of trouble and wants a quick and lasting deliverance so that he can again serve the Lord with a true and steadfast heart. The Lord will rescue the psalmist because he has entrusted his life to the Lord and obeys the commands of the Lord. This is a real emergency prayer out of deep trouble and we can reiterate it in our own time of need.