Psalm 29

Please read Psalm 29 (11 verses)

The Psalmist remonstrated with us to give the glory to the Lord for He is holy. We are to worship the Lord in a way that reflects His holiness and our complete devotion to Him.

The voice of the Lord supersedes the thundering of the mighty waterfalls of the world and is more powerful and certain than the ocean tides. That voice is majestic and everything succumbs to its powerful commands, even the majesty of the great cedar trees that grown in Lebanon. These trees are so valuable, long-lasting and resplendent, that they are used in the temple of the Lord for building and carved decoration because of their longevity.

Lebanon is synonymous with the promised land which will be a place where the people of God will never grow old and is their rich heritage of grace. Lebanon flourishes like the people of God under His keeping power and kind provision.

Mount Hermon is considered a sacred mountain and David likens the blessing of unity to be like the dew on Mount Hermon. Kadesh was the site where Abraham conquered the Amalekites, but the place where Israel failed to conquer in the beginning of the takeover of the promised land. It is a key site on the southern boundary of Israel near the wilderness of Zin. Whatever the outcomes in these places, the Lord is over all and in His holy temple, all cry glory to His name.

This Psalm makes much of the voice of the Lord, which is so powerful it calls worlds into being. The Word of the Lord is strong and true and creates and destroys according to His almighty purposes.

It is the Lord who sits on the throne of the Universe and all of heaven, and He alone will bring His people peace.