Today is the day


Today is the day to seek the Lord

Put aside our argument and listen to His Word

He calls you out from indolence and fear

Offers His salvation and His rest to cheer

Our feeble hearts and our weak knees

His strength will free you from spiritual agonies

That wait for those who loiter in unbelief

Unwilling and unable to escape eternal grief

If you hear Him speak, do not delay

Christ your debt did fully pay

Hear the call and fall at His feet

Forgiveness find, the Spirit you will meet

You will not perish, but power receive

From sin and death a complete reprieve

To find the rest of the Eternal God

A gift of His love and a resurrection overawed

It is life and peace in our ever-living soul

Our eyes fixed on the heavenly goal.

To turn from hardness, find the peace of God

Escape the punishment under the rod

To be a daughter or son of the most high

Our destiny kept, far beyond the sky.