The station symbolizes this present life that we all pass through. People enter the station; buy tickets; check timetables; wait around and then when the train arrives on the platform, they board and leave. They are all there for such a short time, so transient and fleeting, yet they are unaware of its significance. God’s people linger in the concourse, watching and waiting for any who turn aside to talk and think and consider God…

Are you on the lookout?

Are the people around you just random bodies?

Do you see people as souls that live forever?

If you are a Christians you have the answer to problems and you know the only person who can save and change lives to God. We loose sight of this fact so easily. People become commuters and with little value to us. We see people for a few second and then never again. They pass by and on into their own lives.

How many Christians will they meet who will tell them the truth about Jesus?

How many times will they have the opportunity to think about their standing with God?

How many will come to a living faith?

Our job in this station of life, could not be more pressing, yet we let the chances slip by, because we have no time and no inclination to speak up.

This is why we fail with God. Our words say we love Him, and yet we don’t even love the people around us that we see every day. Maybe people miss out on heaven because of us. Maybe we are the stumbling block to life and peace for other people.

Waken us up, Lord. Let us see the reality around us, and the true state of people we know. Search me Lord, and let me see my failure, so I can bring it to you to forgive me. Give me a heart of flesh and not the stony one I seem to have today…