Love left behind

“Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first.”

Revelation 2:4

The Christians at Ephesus had done so many things in their church for the glory of God. They had worked hard and kept working hard, until the difficult jobs were done. They did not give up and saw the tasks right through to the end. They were against all evil things and all evil people. They would have nothing to do with the unrighteousness works of darkness.

The Christians had questioned and tested those who were false apostles and prophets and would not give them any credibility, thereby ridding the church of error and false doctrines. They have suffered great hardship for the name of Christ, and gave not given up their faith…

But, they have somehow lost the love they once had for the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and have grown cold in affection and desire for Him. After all the great things they have done, even so, the criticism is so deep it requires that they repent anew and commit their hearts again to their dear Lord Jesus…

It makes me think.. how much do I love Him? What will it be like to see Him? Do

I “see” Him in the Scripture and want to be with Him so much.? Do I love Him so much, I want to be like Him? Will I give up everything for the sake of having Him in my life?

I must have passion and love for Him as a person, because of what He as a person, has done for me. It is not cold, it is white-hot love, poured out on Calvary’s hill, for rotten people who don’t love Him back! His is a love that holds back nothing and is not willing that any should perish, but that all would know Him and love Him with all their, mind and soul and strength..

Do you love Him? He loves you and has died for you. Will you love Him? Do you love Him more today than yesterday?

The church at Ephesus was in danger of loosing its testimony. The church could close because of this sin. No love for the Lord of Love. No love for the God who is love. Do I inflame my love in the Scripture and prayer? Do I reach out to others in His name? Do I meditate on His ways, His word, His promises to me?

There are people who will do things out of duty, but have no love in their hearts. God hates this. Love is everything, and love will conquer all.

“Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love.”

Ephesians 6:24