Psalm 135

Please read Psalm 135 (21 verses)

We praise the Lord and worship at His feet because of who He is and what He has done. There is no other worthy of praise like this and no one else that we should seek apart from the almighty God. He is the only one who can do as He pleases for only He is perfect in all His will and deeds. He is high above all and is the one necessary being from whom all that exists comes from. No one can touch His throne or challenge His exalted position. He is the Creator of everything that exists and upholds all things by the power of His Word.

The weather in all its guises is sent and controlled by Him. He sends good things and good days and also the storm and winds. They all obey His bidding and we see His power and glory displayed in the demonstrations of the elements.

He is able to deal with the mightiest king, for they are all under His dominion. He put to death the firstborn in Egypt and displayed mighty signs and wonders by the hand of Moses, His servant. The people saw His might and were appalled. God struck down many kings, and put to flight the greatest of their rulers and gave the land to His people, a nation of wandering peoples.

All the idols that we construct are foolish and false. We worship the God who reveals Himself in the Holy Scriptures and are clear about our position before Him. He saves the distressed and all who are put upon by oppressors and abusers. He will not allow His people to be shaken and will put to flight all who hurt and control. We all bow our knees before Him and worship at His feet in repentance and contrition. The people all praise the Lord. The ministers of the gospel all praise the Lord. All His servants praise Him and rejoice before the God of our salvation who dwells in Zion.