We are told not to examine to deeply, over-think or over-analyse ourselves. The bible says the opposite…

“…Let a man examine himself…”

1 Corinthians 11:28

We are to examine ourselves and see if we belong to the household of faith, or wether we are fit to attend the Lord’s table of remembrance, or wether out sins are being put to flight in our minds and behaviour.

This world is intent on keeping people away from serious thought. All things are about being positive and keeping laughter as a top priority. The humour industry is big business and the shows on TV are intent on keeping things quiet in your mind. Even the news channels tell us what to think and how to react to news items. It all seems so trivial.

To be serious is not required, since you might worry people with deeper thoughts that maybe they might not be up to scratch with their standards of behaviour. Human beings don’t like to be reminded of that, as we try to blot this thought process out of our minds, and tone down our consciences. If there is no remedy for us, this is understandable, and we should keep positive. But since forgiveness is the only remedy for this situation, we should seek it.

We have to want it to seek it. The reality of our situation before the Living God, needs to be addressed. We are guilty, that why we feel guilty. But God has provided everything to deal with the whole problem. We can be free in a moment, if we would but admit it.

Our pride also takes part. We don’t want anyone telling us we aren’t good enough or don’t measure up to some standard outside of ourselves. We are living our lives by the light of our own eyes. Because we don’t have light in ourselves, we therefore walk in the dark and cannot see at all. The Scripture tells us these things. The light is there, if we just come to Him and seek restitution for the wrongs we admit we have done. That’s really all salvation is.

If we could switch on our minds and think logically about our state of being before God, and find out what He says to us in His word, we would find the answer. Thinking does work. Self- examination does bring good rewards, and analysing why we do what we do, helps us to grow in goodness and holiness.

“..for the Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but The Lord looks at the heart.”

1 Samuel 16:7

We are too trivial and easily blind ourselves to our own faults. Facing up is hard to do because of our pride, but God sees us already and is willing to still take us in. He sees the heart and its motivations and that it is wicked, but is still willing to forgive and change us. His love is extravagant and extraordinary, and He will bring us into the very core of His family and make us the people, we are meant to be.