Fellowship with the Father

“…that which we have seen and heard we declare to you, that you also may have fellowship with us. Yes, and our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son, Jesus Christ.”

The glorious and miraculous vindications of the Son of God in the flesh, Jesus Christ, are now spoken out clearly by the eyewitnesses of these very things. We have all the evidence written and preserved for us in the Scripture, not just the New Testament writers, but Christ in the whole Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. The works of the mighty God are now declared to us, that we might understand and know Him. This is such a privilege, but we run from it and construct all sorts of arguments not to believe. Every generation falls into its own errors and favourite gripes with the truth of God.

The message of Christ is recorded for our salvation, that we will not suffer the ignorance of our own destruction, but find the way to God. It is plain and very straightforward, but our vain philosophies muddy the waters and divert our minds from right and logical thinking, and take us away from the truth. The witnesses record the message so that we are not confused but have a clear understanding of how to have the fellowship we need, with the Father. The truth about Jesus is taught and presented to us, so that we are not mistaken. Through the witness of these writers we are united with them in faith and in fellowship with the Father and the Son.

It is an incredible truth that sinful people can be united with Christ and with God and live their lives in fellowship with Him. Unfortunately we are so slow to want it and God must work in our hearts to get us to desire Him. He is not far from any of us and is unwilling that any should perish. He desires fellowship with us because He knows we need Him and He loves us. It is possible for us to know God and approach Him with confidence, that He will hear us and save us. If we have this fellowship with Jesus Christ, we also have it with the Father. If we enjoy this fellowship we are united with all true believers down through the millennia and can rejoice with them.

Revealed to us

(and the life was revealed, and we have seen, and testify, and declare to you the life, the eternal life, which was with the Father, and was revealed to us)

The Holy Son of God was born into this world as a human baby and appeared in His human flesh among us for a short time that we might have a living Saviour who can rescue us from our sinfulness. John and the disciples saw Him and can testify to His person and works that He carried out while on earth.

He is the very life, the essence, of the living God revealed in human flesh. He was with the Father at the beginning of this world, the beginning of time, and has always been with the Father. Jesus is the eternal Son of God and is now revealed to our human sight and ears. Humankind has seen the Lord with human eyes, and heard the very Word of God with human ears. Human hands have touched Him and He them, that we might testify to His humanity and touch Him and be healed.

The Lord Jesus has come to bring us eternal life, the life of God. The witness of John testifies to this life, which is now available to all of us. It is not fanciful conjecture or mystic philosophies, but God come in the beauty of human flesh, to redeem the world through the sacrifice of Himself. He came to reveal the life of God to us, and this He did through the testimony of His servants in the eternal Word.

Jesus is now revealed and there is no hiding from the truth. It is obvious and set out clearly for us to read, believe and know. Human kind can know God because of this amazing revelation through the Son of God come in the flesh. It is open to all who will humbly come, bow the knee, repent and believe in this Lord Jesus.

Who He is

“That which was from the beginning, that which we have heard, that which we have seen with our eyes, that which we saw, and our hands touched, concerning the Word of life.”

1 John 1:1

Straight away John deals with the poison of the Gnostic ideology which was infiltrating the church of Jesus Christ. Jesus was a real man and John knew Him and spoke with Him and touched Him, before and after the resurrection. The Gnostics sought to so spiritualise Jesus, that he was not fully human and therefore not someone who can identify with us or be our Saviour. This book is to counteract that theory and show Jesus and what He taught as cogent for a real and hurting world.

The Lord Jesus took twelve men to follow Him around and be witnesses to His work, His grace and His glory. They did not always understand at the time, but they were emboldened as the Holy Spirit gave them holy boldness to speak and live for God. So also we can have this boldness and be witnesses to the love and life-changing power of God.

The disciples saw the real Jesus and we have the miracles and His character recorded for us in the gospels. The disciples touched the very Son of God, existent from before the beginning of the world, and shared His bread and drink. They lived up close to Him and saw the working of His hands and motivation of His perfect mind. They saw and touched the very Word of life, the embodiment of the Word of God recorded for us in the Holy Scripture.

That Holy Word was from the beginning, the Creator of the ends of the earth. Straight away, John leaves us in no doubt as to the credentials of this Jesus of Nazareth. He is the Holy God and Lord of all, yet fully human and worthy to be our Saviour.

Praise the Lord

I praise the Lord for what He has done in my life, my mind and soul. He alone is worthy of all our praises and we lift Him up and glorify His mighty name. He has released us from the bonds of sin and death, oppression and misery and sets our feet upon a high rock, even Jesus our Saviour.

Today this is my post and I rejoice in Christ my Lord for what is ahead for me. God has done great things for me, of which I am glad, but there is more to come. The power of the Spirit within makes us over-comers by that same power. All who know and love Him will honour Him and obey the holy Word.

I continue with my studies and posts tomorrow with a new book, the book of first John. I hope you will follow and read and be blessed. The Lord is with His people and we rejoice today in His glorious presence.

Praise the Lord…

Psalm 150

Please read Psalm 150 (6 verses)

In this short final Psalm, we are called upon to praise the Lord 13 times!

The praises to the Lord go into overdrive and we offer a multitude of worship and adoration of our God and Saviour. The Psalm is sandwiched with the phrase, “Praise the Lord…”

We praise Him in His holy sanctuary and praise Him in the highest of heavens, where His praise always resounds. We praise Him for who He is and His acts of supernatural and surpassing power. His greatness is reflected everywhere in the created order, in His holy Word and in the lives of His people.

We praise Him with every kind of musical instrument at our disposal, the trumpet, guitar, saxophone, tambourine, violin, clarinet and the resounding clashing of the triumphant cymbals. What a cacophony of sound will fill the air as every musician and singer gives the praise to the Lord!

Along with the music we have dancing and the physical expression of our devotion and creative interpretations for His glory.

Beloved, we are seriously missing out not to be involved in this glorious activity of praise, one that we are made for, and brings us such joy and peace. The worship of our maker is our deepest need and most longed for activity, if we did but understand it.

The psalmist calls on every living thing that has breath in its lungs to praise the one who made it and loves it and who loves us. He has done everything to bring us to a full life and we adore His love and power that has made this possible. Why hold back…

Praise the LORD…

Psalm 149

Please read Psalm 149 (9 verses)

We praise the Lord with a new song, the song of the redeemed people of God – all those who have been bought out of the slave market of sin and shame and set free to live and worship. Those who are bought with the most expensive cost, the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. We rejoice to be part of Him and part of that innumerable throng. We will sing that song in eternity, but this is precious time that we can sing it now, even in a sinful world. To rejoice is our God-given right, and no one will take it away.

We rejoice in our maker and elevate our beloved King who has freed us by His sacrifice on the cruel cross. We praise Him with instruments and dancing, all joyous and expressive worship to the glory of His mighty name. The Lord takes delight in His humble people and gives us the victory over temptation and sin. Why should we not be happy? We rejoice even in our beds! And lift holy hands to the Lord!

As the praises of God fill our mouth with singing, so our hands are able to fight with the double-edged sword of the Spirit, even the Word of God. It is the theme of our singing and the constant rehearsal in our minds. We obey it and treasure it and exalt it’s truth above all other considerations. Let us never be deflected from it.

In this we judge the nations and bind its leaders with ropes and the shackles of the truth of God, so that they hurt no more. The Word sets us free to judge accurately and set the standard in all we do. These are the glories of the people of God and why we sing. No one is silent, except those who have no song…

Praise the Lord.

Psalm 148

Please read Psalm 148 (14 verses)

These last Psalms in this book are full of the praises of the Lord. The Psalmist calls on all things to praise God. The heavenly hosts praise Him in the highest heavens; the stars and planets and all phenomenon in the firmament praise His holy name; the weather and all its manifestation in stormy clouds glorify the Lord; the sea creatures in the depths of the ocean sing His majesty; mountains, hills and all trees announce His everlasting nature; the animals, wild and tame and all birds sing of His great provision every day. Should not humankind?

Are we so insensible to His greatness? Are we so stubborn to remain silent at God’s obvious beauty?

Let young and old, exalted and abased, lift their minds, hearts and voices in praise of their glorious king, Jesus, the creator of the ends of the earth and the Saviour of the world. We observe His magnificent splendour and yet remain silent. We are recalcitrant and depressed and unbelieving. Let us cast off our gloom and lift our eyes to all that God has done, in the physical realm and also in the spiritual. Surely, He has done all things well!

Most specifically, may the people close to His heart rejoice before Him with great joy, for He has lifts up a horn for our salvation, ever the Lord Jesus Christ. All those who remain faithful to Him must raise their songs to praise His great name. There is nothing more glorious for the exercise of our souls…

Psalm 147

Please read Psalm 147 (20 verses)

Praise is good for our psyche. We were made to praise our God. It gives us a strong sense of well-being, happiness and pleasure. It is a sure remedy for the troubles of life and we are instructed to rejoice always. The Lord will keep us in perfect peace when our mind is focused on Him and we worship Him. The Lord is gathering in His people, delivering them from the power of the enemy and healing all their inner and spiritual wounds. By His mighty power He lifts the needy and casts down the wicked.

The Lord sustains all His marvellous creation, and sustains the people of God who humble themselves before Him. God does not delight in human strength nor any of our vaulted show of human power, but gives strength to those who delight in Him, who fear Him and put their hope in His unfailing love. It is faith that pleases God and not our demonstrations of devotion, however amazing they might be.

Gos sends His commands over all the earth. The weather, the hail and the snow obey Him and so should we. We see His demonstration of power in the natural realm and lift our voices to praise Him. The Lord has revealed Himself in the Scripture and we read His power and glory there. We see it revealed in the works of grace that He showers on humankind and most clearly in the message of the gospel. We see it revealed in His Son, Jesus Christ, our Saviour. There is no excuse for anyone to not know or not to find the Lord, for He has shown us His glory. The psalmists tells us clearly to praise the Lord, for as we acknowledge Him and come to Him in faith, we are made part of the holy city of Zion and are filled with the praises of His people. As God has determined the stars, so He also determines the number of His people. Let us be glad and rejoice to be part of that company.

Psalm 146

Please read Psalm 146 (10 verses)

If we are trusting in the Lord we are blessed people. If we are trusting in other people, we are not secure. People cannot help us in many instances, and certainly only the Lord knows our inner life, our heart issues and out thinking processes. God is the only remedy for sorrow, as only He has the facility to know the secret depths of our hearts and has the love and power to address those issues. He is the eternal, omnipotent God and has provided all we need for life. He has provided a way for us to be reconciled to Him, to know Him, to talk with Him and the psalmist enjoys that privilege.

The creator of everything is willing to bring us to know Him and to remain faithful to us all our life and bring us safely to His heaven. He will feed us and care for us especially in our souls, which relate to Him. God sets us free from the power of sin and enables us to live godly lives for His glory. He opens our eyes to understand and obey His Word and gives us insight into meaning and purpose. The Holy Spirit comes to dwell in us and we are renewed people as we walk this world with Him.

God watches over the outsider and the oppressed and provides the needs of all those who have no provider. He cares for us daily and watches over every step we take. The Lord reigns over all His people forever and will bring them safely through this troubled life and into the heavenly kingdom. We praise Him for all He is. The psalmist praises the Lord with all His soul, which is the antidote for all suffering and disappointment. We are never disappointed if we trust in the Lord.

Psalm 145

Please read Psalm 145 (21 verses)

This is a wholly positive Psalm extolling the glory of the Lord and all His marvellous works. The psalmist praises the Lord every day for the Lord is worthy of praise and His glorious works are unfathomable. We can learn from this how to praise our Lord and God and share His glory with other people. As we meditate on the Lord and proclaim His goodness, so we can tell all His faithfulness to the generations that come after us. We are encouraged to celebrate the Lord and joyfully sing about Him. We magnify the Lord together and lift up His holy name.

I cannot do justice to this Psalm by writing about it. I encourage you to actually read it. It is full of magnificent praise and exalted language towards our God and lifts the heart to want to join in the worship.

The Lord is great; the Lord is good; the Lord is trustworthy; the Lord is righteous. These are the general themes in the Psalm. People may ignore the Lord and His glorious works, even in the created world and fail to see His glory, but the kingdom will come in all its fullness and every heart and mind will be lifted to the Lord. No one in the family of God will be left out of the praises, which will continue forever before the Lord. Every creature in the new heaven and new earth will sing for joy.

Women who glorify God