Psalm 93

Please read Psalm 93 (5 verses)

The holiness of the Lord is majestic and He reigns throughout all the eternal kingdom of all His saints. The earth is His and everything in it, the planets in the solar system, the milky way galaxy and all the many galaxies that stretch for aeons of light years from our standpoint in every direction. He is robed in majesty like the heavens that He has adorned and He keeps the systems in place and makes our home planet safe and secure.

As they had a beginning when the Creator God made them, so He himself had no beginning and has been there and continues to be there for all eternity. No one touches His majestic power and authority and He stands supreme over all the universe and heavens above into the realm of eternity. Nothing escapes Him and burying our head in the sand and pretending we don’t see Him, or His works, is no good.

We hear the thunder of His voice in the crashing and turmoil of the mighty ocean. Nothing can stop the tide from ebbing and flowing, and neither can the holy will of the Maker be thwarted. He is majestic above all majesty, including human majesty and the glory of the created orders.

As the breakers of the sea relentlessly crash against the shoreline, so His relentless love and justice can never be stopped, tamed or diminished. His glorious statutes remain through all the generations of humans that have ever lived. They are written in the holy Word of God and inscribed on the psyche of the human genome. His holiness adorns everything He does, for He alone stands in eternity and demands and deserves our praise.

Psalm 92

Please read Psalm 92 (15 verses)

When we ponder the great works of the Almighty God it makes us happy. When we see increasingly clearly His majesty and holiness it is a remedy for all sorrow. If we would but look to Him, it would gladden our hearts in the morning and fill us full of joy in the evening. We would take up our instruments of praise and worship His holy name. We would continually seek to identify His mercies as we go through the day and have opportunity to praise and worship.

When we consider the joy of salvation our heart begins to soar. As we understand and think on what God has provided for our souls, and the eternity prepared for us, our whole being is constrained to magnify the Lord. The goodness of the deeds of the Lord and His profound thought toward us make us rejoice in who He is. We magnify His person and our psyche responds with true, heartfelt joy. The wicked may spring up and seek to destroy our peace and joy, but in our Lord, nothing can make us afraid or doubt His goodness.

The righteous flourish like the trees of the forest and are planted in the house of the Lord, like the Cedars of Lebanon. God cares for us and gives us freedom like the wild animals of the earth, who look only to Him to fill their needs. God feeds them and us and pours the oil of the blessing of the Holy Spirit over our life.

In old age we stay vibrant and bright. The sicknesses of this life will not overly trouble us, as we rejoice and continue to use the power God bestows on our being. We continue to proclaim the goodness of the Lord, His holiness and power, and the complete lack of injustice or wickedness in His ways.

Psalm 91

Please read Psalm 91 (16 verses)

Those people who live their lives in the shelter of God’s provision will be at rest. There is no striving there, only settled trust. God will be an everlasting protection against those who try to hurt us, trap us and bring us down. God will cover us, just like a bird would cover her chicks, and that is the place of true comfort and peace. We will not fear the tragedies of life that happen daily, nor will we succumb to the terrors of the night. God will be our abiding refuge and personal safe keeper of our lives and souls.

We will watch others who are wicked and full of unbelief, giving way to sorrow and sin and never being able to overcomes the trouble in life. It is a pity to see so many fall down when the remedy, our loving God, is so near at hand and so willing to undertake for us. The Lord would gladly gather us, but we will not give Him our love and faith.

If we make the Lord our refuge, we will not be shaken and nothing will happen in our life that will finally bring us down, or that is outside of God’s will for us. He will never let us be tested beyond what we can bear and in the testing will build our faith in Him and our devotion to our Saviour, Jesus. God will send His angels to help us and keep us in all circumstances, which is a great and heavenly blessing, but we also possess the Holy Spirit who dwells in us and teaches us every good way. God promises we will do mighty deeds of faith and love when we are under His reign.

When we love God, the promises to us are rich and deep. Those who acknowledge His name as sacred, will be rescued and delivered from all foes. God will deliver us from all trouble and lift us up and make us great in His kingdom. Our crowning glory will be the salvation, which we possess through Christ and all that He has done for us.

Psalm 90

Please read Psalm 90 (17 verses)

Before the world was made or it’s foundations laid, the Lord is God. He has always been God and is the one and only necessary being. All things were made by Him, even time and space have been invented by the mighty Creator. A thousand years are as a tale that is told to Him and He is not bound by this same time or space. People are born and rise like grass, and disappear just as quickly. God returns us to dust and has the power over all life and death. When we see the Lord revealed in His Word, it terrifies us and causes us to seek peace with Him. We are wise to consider our few days of life and gain a heart of wisdom before this Lord and God.

He sees all of us – our body, mind and soul and all our sins are revealed before Him. We live under His judgment and feel the force of His wrath in our minds and hearts and we seek to be forgiven and brought near to our God. He sees all our sin, open sin and hidden sin, throughout all the meagre years of our life, in His all-searching light. We need to have regard for the days of our life that we might find Him.

The psalmist asks to be allowed to be glad for as many years as he has been afflicted. He asks that he would know the unfailing love of the Lord every morning and be able to sing every day of his life, and not be full of sorrow. The Lord can fix this. Only the Lord knows the root cause of all our sufferings and only he can release us. He will vindicate His people and be the blessing to their families and children’s children. The psalmist prays that the Lord will bless the work of his hands, and give him success and satisfaction in what he is doing.

Psalm 89

Please read Psalm 89 (52 verses)

This Psalm is the answer and antidote to the previous Psalm 88. It begins with praise to the Lord, which is the remedy for the hurting soul. As we open our mouth and sing our witness to the faithfulness of the Lord, so God begins to heal the hurt. We bolster our faith by reminding ourselves of the great love of the Lord and His abiding promise that binds us to the Lord Jesus and His people. The skies also proclaim the goodness of God along with the might of the heavenly beings. The earth belongs to God and everything in it, which He upholds in His power and controls the mighty sea, the weather, and the storms.

Our comfort is the righteousness of the Lord and that we have learned to acclaim Him and exalt His name. We walk in His light for He is our glory and strength. The Lord has upheld His king, David, and protected him from all his foes, exalting him over all kings of the earth forever. This reminds us of our Saviour Jesus, who is exalted in heaven for us. Love is forever maintained by Him and the covenant remains secure until eternity. As God raised up David, so Jesus is raised as the Saviour of the world and the Lord of all created things. He is the suffering Saviour and has bourn the penalty of sin for His people. God cast Him into death that He might be lifted up as the perfect Saviour of all. He will deliver all out of sin and bondage because of who He is. We must not be downcast in following Him or give up when God’s purposes seem to be against us.

If we should disobey the Lord, He will bring us back with this faithful intervention and will not hold our sin against us. The Lord Jesus Christ has humbled Himself and been subjected to much suffering on our behalf, but has been raised again for our justification. We are made righteous in Him and kept for the eternal kingdom by the power of God. He has suffered shame for our sake that we might never have to suffer it. God remembers that we are frail humanity and must face death, the last enemy, and so will sustain us and forgive us. He has endured great mocking from the godlessness all around and in His great love will surely deliver us. We praise His name forever, the antidote for all our troubles.

Psalm 88

Please read Psalm 88 (18 verses)

In this Psalm, the psalmist cries out to the Lord day and night. Our prayers and cries are not wasted when we come into the presence of the Lord. The psalmist is in deep trouble and his life draws near to the gates of death and hell. He feels he is counted as those who are already in the grave and are cut off from the living world. His mood has plummeted so low that he cannot find his way out of the Depression.

The psalmist thinks and feels that his Lord has put him there because of the anger of the Lord towards him. He thinks he is being punished and deserves to be trampled underfoot and to be held captive in this place. The waves of despair overwhelm him and he has become antisocial and rejected by his social group. He wonders if God will do something to answer his constant prayer and thinks that God would have nothing to do with a person like him. He is so low that his inner eyesight, and his life, is nearly gone from him. He knows he is heading further and further into the darkness to a place where the mercy of God is not known. He asks God if the dead praise Him and if he can be released from his mind prison. The psalmist seeks oblivion, or even just unconscious sleep, but it does not come to him.

He cries out continually to the Lord. Even so, he still suffers. He has suffered from his youth up and the pains of gloom seem to engulf him and drag him down into terror and despair. His friends and companions have all gone and there is now no hope left. Darkness and Depression are his only friends. This is the end of this Psalm that outlines the symptoms of Depressive illness. The Lord’s King suffered mightily and yet had God’s heart in him. God will rescue him through strengthening him in his despair and sense of coming doom…

Psalm 87

Please read Psalm 87 (7 verses)

The Lord loves His holy people. He has made them holy through the blood of the everlasting covenant and has brought them into His family through the new birth. Every child of God is born in Zion.

Zion, the holy city of God built on righteousness and holiness. The Lord loves the holy city of His people more than any other and all the chosen people of God are included. All the unworthy and castaways are brought into the glorious fold of the people of God. All who are rejected by so-called polite societies and organisations of good social standing, are brought into this beloved city. It is a place of mighty refuge for those who fail and have found redemption through the blood of Christ.

People who belong to the cities of this world are also brought in, names we associate with ungodliness are brought into the glorious kingdom. Babylon, Philistia, Tyre and Cush, those who are associated with the enemy, or rejection, are all included in the holy city. God has chosen His people from before the foundation of the world, and will surely bring all His sons and daughters to glory. There will be the great in gathering of souls in the church of Jesus Christ from every tribe and tongue. It is the Lord who writes the register of the peoples and keeps the Book of Life with the names of every one recorded there. They will all enter in and that is a certainty for their names are written there with the blood of Christ – every one born in Zion.

As we sing to the Lord we know and express our emotion that all our blessings and outpourings of the Holy Spirit are in Him… the song of the redeemed will be for the blessing of the nations.

Psalm 86

Please read Psalm 86 (17 verses)

This is a prayer that indicates the close relationship between the psalmist and God. It is honest and intimate and so encouraging and comforting to read. The psalmist takes his low position before the Lord, as poor and needy. He asks for joy, protection and mercy because this is his all-day, daily need. He acknowledges the Lord as forgiving and good and with amazing love toward anyone who will call on His name. The Lord will accept anyone who comes in humility and faith and will accept them into His holy presence in personal fellowship. The writer knows this because of past experience of calling on the Lord and always receiving an answer to his requests and having power from God.

There is no one like the Lord and no one who can touch His holiness, mercy and love. All the nations will bow down and honour Him, because of who He is and what He has done. All human and created life will bow down in worship of the Lord for all His marvellous deeds, of which there is no comparison. God alone dwells in heaven as the singular and almighty God.

The psalmist asks to learn the way of faith that he might have a heart that is wholly devoted to God and not distracted by anything or anyone else. He will forever glorify and praise the Lord for all that has been done for him, especially his eternal life, which delivers him in life and death.

His foes are always around him, but God will never leave His belovèd servant because He is a faithful and constant Lord. The writer asks God to always have His face towards him as his friend and confidant and to save him, just as God saved and walked with his mother. He asks God for a sign of His goodness in the life of the writer, that he will be vindicated before his enemies and be encouraged in the Lord his God.

Psalm 85

Please read Psalm 85 (13 verses)

The mercy of the Lord goes down in history in the psyche of His precious people. When they go astray, He teaches them the right paths and brings them back again into fellowship with Himself. He freely forgives all our sin and our wandering away from His righteous pathway and brings us back to a right personal and collective walk with Him.

Every time we wander we pray again for restoration. The psalmist asks that God is not angry forever nor remember the sins of the generations of His people, but to restore them again to love and peace. He asks for the unfailing love of Christ that the people might again know the salvation of the Lord, as they repent and turn back to the path of life. We will listen to the Lord, who promises peace, and not to walk the pathways of folly. If we walk in the fear of the Lord, then our nations will be healed and the work of salvation will take hold in the life of the people. When we repent, God can work in us and restore us again.

Love and faithfulness can again meet together in a glorious love affair. Righteousness and peace, also, meet us greet each other with a holy kiss. This is the way of God and the blessing of God. The land itself will yield a great harvest and God will shower good on His people. The precursor for this beautiful blessing is righteousness. Righteousness exalts nations and individual people, so we must pursue it and find the peace and blessing of the Lord.

Psalm 84

Please read Psalm 84 (12 verses)

The desire of the truly repentant heart is to dwell with the Lord and to frequent the courts of the Lord. The psalmist expresses his deep desire to inhabit the dwelling place of the Lord as a fainting soul in need of the constant refreshment from his Lord and God. His love for God is supreme and the closeness is so real that he cries out to the Lord with all his being, body and soul. He expresses his longing to be like the little sparrows that can make their nests in the courts of the Lord.

Those who trust in the Lord with all their heart and travel through this weary world on their pilgrimage to heaven, refresh every place they go and create oasis of blessing and succour for the weary souls of this world. When they pass through a wilderness they make it a place of refreshment with springs of living water and cooling Autumn rains. They are a bonus wherever they go and bring many souls to righteousness.

The psalmist asks for favour from his Lord and to be a servant, a door keeper, an usher in the house of the Lord rather then dwell in luxurious tents where the wicked live for themselves. He would serve the Lord with a full heart and longs for just one day in the courts of God rather than a thousand spent in self-absorbed pleasures.

The Lord bestows life and protection on all who look to Him. It is He alone who can give favour and honour in our life and He will not withhold the blessing from those who walk uprightly and remain blameless. Not faultless, but following earnestly after God and His holy law. We obey because we are blessed in His grace and kept by His tender mercies.

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